28-Kiss Tomarrow Goodbye

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A/N: Thanks To @ItsJustMe_Lily for mentioning this song, it reminds her of Jemmy. If you gjys have any song requests that remind you of the LFI series let me know xx


All we do right is make love, and we know now that ain't enough. Not gonna beg you to stay, Don't gotta ask you whats wrong. Ain't no reason running after something already gone

-Kiss Tomarrow Goodbye- Luke Bryan


Emmy's P.O.V

I drove to Keegans this morning to tell him I wouldn't be seeing him any longer, I'd hoped he'd understand why. I told him about me and Joey and the on again off again relationship that we've been having for, well, ever.

I didn't want to treat this kid like a fuck and run.

I pulled into his driveway. He knew I was coming so he was standing out on his pourch. He smiled as we made eye contact.

"You look stunning today." He told me. "Thanks." I replied. "So what brings you here."

I took in a sharp breath.

"First let me start off by telling you that I thought I was pregnant." I told him feeling he deserved to know. His smiled faded. "What? Are you?" He asked. "No I'm not, its okay." I reassured.

"Okay. Good." He said. His smiled returned. "Also, Joey and I are currently back together." I said. And the smile fades again.

"Really?" He asked. I nod apologizing. "Damn...I was really hoping we'd go somewhere."

To be honest I was hoping the same. Keegan was an extremely good guy and he treated me perfectly even though we only known eachother for three days.

"You know I could use a friend. I don't have many." I said. "I'd like that." he smiled. "Good so you'll text me?" i asked giving him a quiet seductive look. "Absolutely."

I blew him a kiss before swaying my hips back to my car. I wouldn't say I was being a flirt just playing the game of life correctly, The right way.

-A Week Later-

Me and Joey were watching some stupid movie on paper veiw. The only kids home were Cherry, since she's grounded, And Matty who was asleep.

Flawsy went with some friends to a swimming thing and Endy went to the library to read. She reads for enjoyment.

I cuddled up next to Joey. I loved him, so much. My phone pit up on the coffee table.

"Keegan?" He asked. "Yes I've told you about him." I said. "I didn't know you two were still talking." he said.

I shrugged.

"We're friends." I said. I know Joey was biting his tongue making sure what he wants to say doesn't come out of his mouth.

"Okay.." He says. "Thats fine."

"No its not. You don't want it to be." I said. "Quit, I don't want this turning into drama." He said. I sighed. "I liked him. Okay I liked him a lot."

"Obviously, you gave him a VIP pass to your vagina even though he didn't needed because everyones been in." I knew thats what he wanted to say. I didn't reply just sat there. He sighed.

"Emmy Im sorry." He saidm "Why? Why can't we fucking love eachother? I want to love you.! This isn't about sex, or kids or marriage, or any of that! I just want to love you! I want you to love me.!" "I do love you, its you that doesn't have love.!" "I care about you Joey, I care about you a lot! Thats why I can say I love you, I just don't have the feeling of Love when I say it."

He sighed.

"I don't know Emmy. Do you want to be with me? Like forever?" I nod. "Then you love me, you just don't want to believe it."

"Why? Why don't I?" "Thats somthing only you know, Only you can figure it out Emmy."


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