The view of the sunset was clear from the restaurant set in the boardwalk of Santa Monica.
It was a nice place, not too small, nor too big.
They chose a table set for two, in the small open balcony, with a direct view of the private part of the beach.
Garrett smiled at the petite girl in front of him.She forced a smile.
"Nothing. You just... Look beautiful under the sunset."
She couldn't help but think that Ross would say that she looked beautiful at anytime of the day.
But they're siblings.
As the actor worked with his attempt of small talk, the couple didn't even notice as a certain blond walked in the place.
As soon as Garrett's car left the Marano's driveway, Ross rushed up the stairs and got his keys.
He couldn't let her go like this.
With that dipshit.
By herself.
So he put on a hoodie and sunglasses, trying to be as discrete as he could, and followed them to the place.
He got a table just close enough to hear them, yet far enough so the couple won't notice him.
"I guess I'm just stunned you agreed to come here." Garrett said. "I mean, mainly because I thought you and that blondie-"
"Ross." She corrected. "His name's Ross."
The blond smiled at the sound of Laura defending him.
"Right. Sorry." He said, uncomfortable "I thought that you and Ross had a thing going on."
"Well, we definitely do not." She laughed.
Ross's smile was wiped off his face. As much as he wanted to, it was illegal to date his sister, right? Yes, he was still registered as Ross Shor Lynch, and no one would know for now, but it was just a matter of time until everyone found out that he was actually Jake Marano.
"I think that's great."
Ross got his phone, using the screen as a mirror.
He saw Garrett holding Laura's hand, and it took all of him to not get up and make a whole scene out of it.
He was the only one that could hold her hand.
The food came, and some random talk came along with it. Laura wasn't that excited about being there, but she wouldn't let it show. Garrett was being nice and you could see that he liked her.
And since the guy she truly lov-
She couldn't.
"Would you excuse me? I have to go to the restroom."
He just nodded, and the brunette soon left.
As soon as she was outta sight, Ross sighed in relief.
Why was he doing this? Keeping an eye on her wouldn't change anything.
Would it?
"You got nerve to spy on us here, Lynch." Ross looked at Garrett.
Of course he noticed.
"Or should I say, Marano?"
Ross froze.
He blinked once.
Garrett knew.
He fucking knew everything.
Laura couldn't have told him, could she? Of course not, they agreed to not tell anyone else.
"What are you talking about?" The blond shakily said, taking off his now unnecessary sunglasses.
Garrett got up and headed to his table, slamming his hands on it. "Let's make things clear here, blondie. I know about you two. I know that she's your sister."
You could feel his anger building. That asshole couldn't keep his ass in his own business, could he?
"You better go away now."
"Or what?" The tall actor shot back
Garrett only laughed. "Alright. Let's presume that SOMEONE tells the press about a certain couple that are actually siblings. They have been dating for awhile, aware that it was incest. Presuming that it would happen, a certain TV series could come to an end, since it would be against the law. Not to mention that a certain guy could go to jail and ruin his sister/lover's career. Is that what you really want, Ross?"
He remained quiet. This couldn't be happening.
"Good. So, if you don't want to ruin her life, you'll finish your food as fast as you can, get your keys, leave and not interfere in our relationship anymore."
Ross stared as Garrett got back to his table sighing, defeatedly.
He could ruin their lives.
He could ruin her life.
He had to do this or else...
He didn't even want to know what could happen.

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