Rose unlocks the heavy front door to the record store and makes her way inside, turning on a bunch of lights on the way. In the back room she puts her purse down in her cubby and straightens out her outfit. This morning to compensate for how exhausted and worn out she felt, Rose decided to look better. She wore a white skirt that stuck out just enough and stopped just above the knee. Her top was an old one she’d cropped. It had the rolling stones logo on the front. Her bright pink hair was straight and falling around her face. A few minutes later Ashton strolls in carrying two cups of coffee. He sets one down in front of Rose on the counter. “Bless you, I actually needed this so badly.” She smiles graciously and sips the caffeinated liquid.

            “Of course. You look great today, by the way.” He flashes her his incredible smile. Rose returns a small one, feeling a bit weird about the situation. The pair opens the store not too long after. A few people trickle in, but the rest of the day is slow as can be. “I told my dad about your ideas for the store. He’s drawing up some sketches to renovate!”

            “Really? He liked it?”

            “Loved it!” That was just the kind of news she needed to hear. Towards the end of her shift Rose continuously glances at the clock, willing it to move faster. The bell above the door chimes and in walks Michael. His hair it’s usual blonde mess of perfection, half hidden by a gray beanie, a red flannel with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and black skinny jeans. She watches him all the way to the counter where he rests his elbows and holds his chin in his hands.

            “Well hi,” she chirps, her mood significantly increased.

            “Why do you not look as tired as I do? You were the one who woke me up!” Michael jokes.

            “That’s the beauty of being a girl and wearing makeup!” Looking at the clock again, it’s finally struck five. She hops off the stool, her black wedges connecting with the ground with a clack. “Be right back.” Rose disappears into the back room to grab her things. When she returns Ashton is at the desk talking to Michael. “Ready?” She directs her words at Michael, breaking his conversation with Ash.

            “Yep!” He answers too quickly and happily. The two walk out the door and to her car. “So where are we going?” he asks getting in the passenger side.

            “You’ll see.” A smirk on her lips as she mocks him. Michael shakes his head and stares out the window. The sun is setting and creating pink and orange streaks across the California sky. Minutes later they pull into he parking lot of a tattoo shop.

            “Why are we at a tattoo parlor?” Michael questions, knitting his eyebrows together.

            “I’m getting one, and I need someone to hold my hand.” She says matter of factly.

            “Oh,” he smiles to himself that she wanted him there to hold her hand. He follows her into the shop and up to the desk. Rose tells the guy what she wants and where, the words stay strong across her wrists. The artist walks them back and seats Rose in a chair while he sets up the gun. Michael puts an arm around her waist to comfort her. The touch sends goose bumps over her skin. The hum of the needle starts and pierces her skin. Her body tenses up, and Michael tightens his grip on her waist. With the first wrist done, Rose starts to feel dizzy.

            “What was the last think you ate today?” The tattoo artist wonders.

            “Coffee this morning.”

            “Ok, you need to go get her something with sugar before I finish or she’ll pass out.” He instructs Michael. Placing a light kiss on her temple, Michael gets up and heads for the convenient store across the street. Buying a pack of cookies and a soda he returns to the shop. Rose reluctantly takes the cookies and eats a few. When it’s done he bandages up her wrists and tells her how to take care of it and how long it will take to heal. “You gonna get anything?” Michael ponders the question, making up his mind.

            “Actually, yea.” Switching places, Michael is now in the chair with Rose holding his hand. The needle is placed on the inside of his arm, almost in his armpit.

            “To the moon,” Rose reads out when it’s done.

            “Something my mom used to tell me when I was little. She’d say, you can go anywhere you want. Even to the moon.” Rose smiles, taking in Michael’s mom’s words. Leaving over she plants a deep kiss on his lips, feeling it in her bones. She could do this. She could stay strong and go to the moon, if Michael was by her side.

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