The Knights of MindCrack

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 Guude has always believed that he would one day take the throne of the MindCrack and that his brother, Nebris would support him. But when the king passes away, the succession comes into question. Nebris is tired of playing second fiddle to his older brother. Guude is forced to run into hiding, but he's not ready to give up his bid for the throne. And neither are some others.

 Aureylian, the mysterious spirit of the Rosada Woods. Kurt, a peculiar wandering knight with a soft spot for children. Etho, a warrior from a far-away land. Vechs and Zisteau, brothers looking for an adventure.

 Guude is on a mission to reclaim the kingdom from Nebris and his backers. Will this rag-tag group be able to face up to the new king and his minions?

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