Chapter 1

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“I still can’t believe you had to move when we were nine. We never talked after that.”

I nod and ask “Where are we going?”

She laughs “It’s a surprise.”

I groan. “I hate surprises.”

She laughs, and gets serious for a second and whispers “You’ve changed a lot.”

I say “You haven’t changed at all.”

She smiles again and asks “Is that a good thing?”

“Yes.” I say in a business-like tone.

She smiles, but we hit a sharp right and I almost fall into her catching myself at the last minute. Then we make a left and the road continues like that. I look out the window to see a sight I’m familiar with. The old river we used to swim in, but it’s getting dark so why are we here. “Come one. We’re going skinny dipping.”

“No I’m not.” I say sternly.

She laughs. “Come on it’s fun.” She gets out and I do too, but I’m not going skinny dipping. It gets darker and finally the sun sets when she takes off her red flannel shirt and jeans. I turn away before she can remove other articles of clothing. I hear a splash and then a shriek, but then I get into the truck and wait for a second. Why did I let her drag me out here? I lean my head on the seat and slowly fall asleep.



I drive down the curving roads in my car. I should’ve brought my truck. I slow to a stop when I see the familiar green truck. I stop and get out to see Evelyn in the truck asleep. She looks… beautiful. No. She’s a spoiled brat. I’m not supposed to think about her that way. I can’t help it though. Her wavy hair falls in her face and it gives me an excuse to touch her soft skin. Ugh. Stop it.

“Hey.” I hear Beth say as she wraps a towel around her bikini. If I call it a bikini it will make me feel better than saying she’s in her… underclothes.

“Hey. Why’d you bring Evelyn?”

She smiles “Evie’s my friend.”

I frown. “She’s a bi_”

“No she isn’t!”

I don’t even try to object or she’ll pounce. “Fine. She isn’t.”

She smiles “I need you to drive her home. If I drive she’ll wake up, and I doubt she’d be happy with me.”

I mumble “She’s never happy.”

“What?” She says in that change-your-words-now kind of tone.

“Nothing.”  I stop, but she throws me her keys and I give her mine. “I guess I’ll drive her home.” She gets in my car driving away. I hop in the truck and look over to see Evelyn. She looks so… peaceful, but she’s so ugh when she’s awake. I start driving carefully, but then I hear her mumbling and slow down the car stopping so I can hear what it’s about. I have no idea why I stopped, but it’s like my body forced me to.

She mumbles “Stop it. I don’t like you touching me there.” She puts her hand on her stomach crossing her legs. Why is she doing that? What happened to her? I start the car when she stops mumbling, and start driving again. We hit a sharp curve and she wakes up. She looks at me and asks “What happened? Wait. Why are you here? Where’s Beth?”

“Too many questions for one sentence.”

She rolls her eyes “Where’s Beth?”

I smile. Good. “She’s driving my car home.”

She nods. “Why are you here?”

“She didn’t think she could drive home without you waking up and being cranky.”

She rolls her eyes again. “What happened then?”

I laugh “You mumbled.”

Her eyes widen and she asks “What did I say?” in a rush. Is she trying to hide something?

            I smile “Things.”

Her eyes narrow again “Do you know about the… incident?”

I look at her “What incident?”

She sighs from relief. “Nothing.” What’s she up to?

“Fine don’t tell me.”

She smiles “Don’t worry I won’t.” She stops smiling instantly though as if she caught herself. I look over at her as she looks down uncomfortable. We get to the house and I get out before her, but then I see her open the door and her shoe gets caught. I hurry in front of her and she falls into my arms. We’re pressed together. Completely. Her chest on mine and her eyes looking in mine. That spark in them that she had when we were children is gone. She lost it… somehow. She’s not the same girl I liked back then. She’s different, but how’d she change?

She slides down my body so I see down her shirt and whisper “You shouldn’t wear things like that.”

She looks down putting her hand on the edge of the fabric then scowls hurrying back inside and out of my arms. I sigh and watch her leave, but soon follow her inside.



            What the hell was that? I felt something for him. Something… strong. No. It was my imagination. I go to the suitcase and start unpacking. I finish in no time and put the suitcase in the back of the closet, which is surprisingly large inside. I go to the bed and lay down thinking of Shaun, Beth, Grandma, and why I always have the southern accent when I’m thinking.

            The next morning I wake up and see it’s six and so… hot. Ugh. I lift my shirt up over my head, and throw it to the floor. I lay back kicking off the blanket. I close my eyes and fall back asleep. I hear the door open and say “Gramma?” I open my eyes to see Shaun. I cover my chest by crossing my arms over it.

            He turns away “Sorry.” He has a smile though.

            “Get out!”

            He says “I needed you for someth_”

            “Get out pervert.”

            He turns back around and says “I walked in thinking you’d be up not like you are.” He walks closer leaning over so his arms are on both sides of me and I get a strange feeling I should kiss him. No! I can’t do that.

            I put my hands to the side and lean closer with narrowed eyes “Then why are you even in here?” I say with a strained voice.

            He looks down and smiles “You forgot to cover yourself.” I stand up grabbing my robe from the door and wrapping it tightly around myself. I turn as he says “I’ll be back in twenty get dressed.” He walks out and I roll my eyes. I put on jeans and a grey t-shirt. 

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