I was peacefully sleeping in my room when my phone rang loudly. I scrambled to get up hoping I don't wake the others up. I quickly answered the phone and walked out to the back of the cabin.

" Katie, Katie, Katie, we miss you so much! you haven't called in forever hows summer? Omg oMg Omg ho ware you and Travis!?!?! We ju--". Who ever was talking on the other end of the phone was talking way to much.

" Whoa, Whoa sow down, who is this?".

" Wow has my voice changed that much since school? it's me Cher, Why haven't you called? We've missed you so much ".

" Oh hey Cher, sorry i just woke up, of course I wouldn't recognize you, sorry I didn't call.. things have been busy at camp, and I already told you were not allowed to have cellphones at my camp ".  I swear this girl had the memory of a squirrel;unless they had good memory's...

" Yeah sorry I forgot. Silly me! Anyway me Layla and Jo got your parents wedding invitation, we cant wait! ". Crap I forgot about the wedding, it was going to be next week, and I had to get the wonderful news that Travis was going to be the one walking me down as a bridesmaid. I was so mad that I  almost broke my foot  kicking a tree and found an angry nymph instead.

" How's the girls? How's home? " .

" The girls are good, Were actually all in California right now, well I came first for shopping for like a few days and then the girls just decided to tag along. We wanted you to come but we new how important this camp thing is to you so yeah, and you wouldn't answer your phone ".

" Oh well that's ok ". It's not like I didn't mind, I wish I would've gone but I couldn't. I just couldn't wait until I tell them my secret next year about the whole demigod thing so I wouldn't have to be so secret about all these things.

" So how's you and Travis? ". I groaned out in frustration before telling her about everything.

" WOW, who knew you guys would actually end up liking each other, I'm so sorry Katie. I wish I was there to help you...".

" Nah it's fine, I'm kind of getting over it ". Well wasn't that the best lie ever.

" Good, for you. Anyway I gotta go, were about to go to the beach, Ill see you next week at the wedding! ". 

" Bye ".

After she hung up I sat against the cabin until the sound the conch for breakfast pushed me out of my thoughts. I got up and went to change before going to breakfast. I met up with my cabin, made my blessing to my mom, and went to eat.

 I was eating when Miranda sat down next to me. 

" So who were you talking to so early this morning? ". She raised her eyebrow before I got what she was saying.

" I was just to the gi-- ". As I was answering her she elbowed me hard in the side. " Ow! What was that fo- ". She once cut me off again and made me turn around. The Hermes table was behind us. Travis was behind me on the other side staring. I could make him jealous, I was probably so going to regret this later.

" Oh you know... just that guy from my school.. Cas ". Hopefully Travis wouldn't know I was just talking about a guy from a TV show and that would be embarrassing if he did.

" Oh my gosh Katie, you should see his face! He's fuming ". She whispered. I could turn around and check but that would be obvious that I was talking about him. 

" Yeah, we might even start dating, he is soo cute ". I know what I was doing was cliche, but it was pretty fun. I kept talking to Miranda about this " Cas " knowing Travis was listening all along. I then finished my breakfast saying I had to call Cas, when in reality I just had to go the strawberry fields.

I was on my way when I bumped into Lou Ellen. Shock went across her face as she saw me. " Katie, oh my gods I've been looking for you! ". I was kind of confused when she told me this, we never really talked much.

" Oh, um did you need something?". I hope I wasn't sounding rude.

" Well last week Drew told me to make a potion to make someone do whatever they want, and she told me it was for revenge on the twins for doing a  prank so I was like yeah that's ok, but then I left for a few weeks, and when I came back I heard about Travis and your break up and when I asked one of the girls they told me what happened I realized she used it on Terra to get you guys to  break up and I'm o sorry if I would have known I wouldn't have made it for her ". By the time she finished she was out of breath, and I was shocked.

Terra was right, Travis was right, I was wrong. What was I supposed to do now? I couldn't just walk up to him and be like Hey Travis find out your right and Im sorry will you take me back?". I mean I could but it seemed weird. But first things first I had to go apologize to Terra, right after the strawberry fields.


Saying I was dirty was an understatement. I barely had enough time to make myself look decent and take a shower. When I finished I ran as fast as I could to the Aphrodite Cabin. I knocked on the cabin door and waited. Finally some opened the door. It  was Terra.

She looked shocked to see me standing there. I mean I wasn't surprised, I hadn't talked to her since me and Travis broke up.

" Katie, what are you doing here?".

" I'm sorry, about everything, I found out what happened and I just want to say Im sorry ". I stood there waiting for her to take my apology. So after a few minutes of waiting, or i think it was a few minutes, i don't know I wasn't counting, it just seemed like forever. 

" Katie, you must be really dull if it took you this long for you to figure this out, anyway how are you going to get Travis back?".

 I was dumbfounded, how the heck does she forgive people this easily? I mean well technically I didn't do anything wrong but still. " Umm.. I don't know do you have any ideas?".

" No, jeez I don't think about this in my free time, you know some of us actually have a life unlike you ". Well at least it was good to know she didn't change during these few weeks.

" But for now, operation Travis is on!".

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