The Bad Boy

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"Mom?" I yell

"Yeah liv?" She yells back

"What time is the choir concert again?" I ask tonight is the choir concert for North Carolina middle school. I'm in it. I'm singing invisible by hunter hayes! I love that song and we have a great setting for it!

"It starts at 6 and ends at 8." My mom answered. It's 5 right now and I am so nervous so I decided to start getting ready. I took a shower and blow dried my hair I then lightly curled it. The outfit I wore was a pink spaghetti strap tanktop and over it was like a green vest with white polka dots I wore pink caprees and some white flats I also added a pink infinitie scarf. I put on some mascara and a little bit of eyeshadow. I came down by now it was 5:50. I grabbed my iPhone and put it in my pocket.

"Aww liv you look so pretty." My mom commented

"Thanks mom! That's really sweet." I replied then my little sister chloe came down.

"Hey Chloe are you ready to go?" I asked her

"Yes!" I took her hand.

😁at the choir concert😁

"Mom I'm nervous!" I said holding my stomach.

"Your gonna do great liv I believe in you." She said smiling and hugging me

"All choir students come on stage!" Mr. Smith yells to the choir students I wave at my family and go on stage I see my family I look over next to them and then I see hayes Grier. Hayes Grier?! Why is he here. He's kinda like the bad boy of the school doesn't talk to people like me doesn't go to choir concerts I sometimes see him play football but that's only because I'm a cheerleader! I can't believe he's here I have to admit he's hot really hot and he's really cute to. But he would never even consider me.

"You look nice liv." My friend Lizzie says to me

"Thanks Lizzie. Your to sweet." I say smiling

😁I'm the last one to sing😁

All the lights come on it's just me in the middle the lights go off and little Christmas lights that are white of course come on. I start singing

~after the song~

I hear a bunch of voices yelling go liv good job i think I did really good! And hayes was just staring at me I smiled at him and he smile back then looked away. Ok then. I finally got home and went to sleep because I had school tomorrow.


OKAY! Sorry guys I was kinda worried about how this chapter would go I hope you guys like it! And the choir thing is based on a true story of course hayes Grier wasn't there but I did sing invisible by hunter hayes and I was so nervous but everyone liked it and I was happy so yay me! Lol bye!

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