The Nordic Keychains

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-Rose's PoV-

It was just a normal day for me. I was at my first anime convention, dressed as one of my favorite characters. I was Hungary from Hetalia!! I walked past a little stand, selling Hetalia merch, so i took a look at the available things.

As I looked through the merchandise, a glint caught my eye. I saw a complete set of keychains of the five Nordics! I looked at the price. Only ten dollars for it? I know that's completely impossible for a con stand, but it was true!

I quickly pulled out my ten. "Excuse me, sir? I'd like those Nordic keychains, please!" I exclaimed.

He looked at me. "Are ya sure, miss? Those are said to be cursed."

I just looked at him funny. "Those guys, cursed? No way! I want them! Please?"

The man sighed and nodded. "All right. Ten dollars, please." He handed me the keychains when I gave him the money.

With that, I immediately ran home. It was the last day of the con, anyway! Oh, how I wish I knew that this would change my life...


Hello! Becca here! Please note that I've never been to a Con so I have no idea on if what I said is true. :) thanks!!

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