Chapter 6

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I bolted upright in my bed seeing three pairs of eyes on me. My breathing was heavy and my throat hurt so I knew I had been screaming. I was drenched in sweat. As I slowly started to calm down, my mother asked me if I wanted to talk about it. I shook my head no. She gave me a sympathetic look before kissing my forehead and telling me she loved me before leaving my room. My dad just looked away and walked out with my mom. My brother sat on the end of my bed looking at me with tears in his eyes as he wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. I just sat there not moving and let him comfort me. Once I had stopped shaking, I laid back down and Cole pulled the blanket around me and kissed my cheek. Before leaving my room, he turned around and said "Sarah, I love you more than you know. I'm so sorry for everything." And with that, he left.

The next morning I pulled myself out of bed, and slowly made my way to the living room. Where my father sat in his chair watching the news, and Cole was laying on the couch with Izzy fast sleep. My mother was still in bed also. I quietly made my way to the fridge to find something to eat but everything I looked at made me sick to my stomach. I hadn't eaten since the accident and didn't entirely plan on it any time soon. But, knowing well enough my dad would somehow make me eat sooner or later, I grabbed an apple from the shelf and took a small bite. I walked over to my chair next to my dad and sat down pulling my knees to my chin. I had been staring blankly at the wall for only lord knows how long before I realized someone was talking to me. I looked up to find a pair of dark brown eyes staring intently at me. I gulped and got up walking back to my room. Sitting on my bed, I looked at the picture of me and Tracy that had been taken the last day of school our junior year. Walking over to my desk, I put the picture in a drawer, not wanting to be reminded of the accident anymore that I already have to be.

Walking out of my bedroom going to my bathroom, I pick up the clothes that I had worn the day of the accident, and folded them taking them to my room. I opened the drawer with our picture in it and put the clothes in with it. I feel the weight of the necklace that Tracy had given me the day she left for Indiana around my neck, and absent mindedly started playing with it.

I let the necklace drop as I feelt tears start to form in my eyes. I crawl back into bed, burying myself in my blanket as I just stare at my ceiling wondering to myself what it's like above. Wondering if Tracy is finally happy. Sighing, I roll over and try to go back to sleep praying theres no nightmares this time.

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