Joy's P.O.V.

The moon leaves a silhouette framing around my window sill, as I quietly read my book in bed.

Suddenly, my foster Mom storms in. "Get off your lazy ass, and do the god damn dishes!" she screams.

Her fiery orange hair springs up in various directions, and her jade eyes have flaming balls of furry directed towards me.

"It's ten o'clock at night!" I scream back.

"Paisley Joy Eden, get up!" I hate when she uses my full name. I stand up and run into the kitchen.

There's nothing in the sink though! "What the hell!" I scream at her.

"Give me a fucking cigarette." she orders me. I flip open the pack and hand her one. She lights it and flips me the bird, while walking into her room.

What's wrong with her? I need to leave, now. While mom is asleep, I pack a bag.

I quickly wrap my hair up into a messy ponytail and throw on a sweatshirt. With only one bag of clothes and a brush, I leave.

I walk to a bus stop down the street, and wait for a bus. The wait ends up being longer than I expected.

For another hour and a half, I wait for the bus. Right as I'm about to leave, a white pick up truck stops next to the sidewalk.

A little girl runs out of the back seat. "Are you lost?" she asks. Her bleach blonde hair scatters on top of her tiny head, as if she'd been sleeping for hours.

"Skylnn, don't talk to strange-" a man with dark chocolate hair picks her up "Are you okay?".

I feel my cheek, noticing tears are streaming down them. "I'm okay, I guess.".

The mans icy blue eyes stun me like a plasma ball. "Do you need a place to stay, or something?" he looks down at my bag.

", it's a long story." I choke on my words,"I kind of left.".

"You can stay the night with us, if you'd like." he suggests.

"You sure? You don't even know me." I raise my eyebrows in surprise.

"Ya, my parents won't mind. You can sleep in the guest room." he welcomes me into his truck.

Inside, I see another boy, about my age, sitting next to the little girl. The boy has longer hair than the one outside, and has eyes so pure blue, they seem white.

"I'm Nash. This is Skylynn and Hayes." he introduces.

The boy about my age, Hayes, smiles, "Whats your name?".

"P-Paisley, but everybody calls me by my middle name, Joy." I stutter. I'm scared, but I don't know why.

"Nice to meet you P- I mean Joy!" Hayes catches himself.

I sit down in the passenger seat, next to Nash. I stare out the window, until everything fades.


My eyes flash open, when I feel something shaking my arm. Hayes flashes me a big smile," We're here Joy.".

"Did I fall asleep?" I ask.

"Ya." we walk onto their porch. They're house is actually quite nice. When I get inside, Nash directs me to the guest room, which is right next to Hayes.

"You sure your okay with me staying?" I don't want to make Nash or anyone in his family uncomfortable.

"Yeah, my parents aren't home all week. So, your welcome to stay.".

"Thank you." I walk into the guest room. As I'm unpacking, I hear a knock on the door.

I open it, finding Skylnn and Hayes. Hayes carries Skylnn, placing her on his hip.

"Skylnn wanted to say goodnight." Hayes smiles. Skylnn says goodnight and jumps from Hayes's grip.

She runs off to her bedroom, leaving Hayes and I alone. "If you need anything, I'm right next door.".

"Thanks Hayes.".

"No problem. Good night Joy." he closes the door and heads off to bed.

"Goodnight Hayes.".

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