chapter 1 *Getting to know me and abit about my life*

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My name is Nourhan they call me nono im 18, l live in London with my best friends happy  and lolo and lulu but lulu travelled to australia ,I have a  friend who is called Harry Edward styles he is an amazing person he lives in the apartment next to me we've been friends since we were kids we really enjoyed going out with each other and happy and lolo always join us . 3 monthes ago I met Brad and he told me he wanted to be my boyfriend and i agreed well i'll tell u how i know him

*flash back* 

lolo '' yea i know i told her to  bring me a new cover for my phone and she said yes finally ! i didn't expect that '' she laughs and i join her but stop

''what the.........?'' i say

lolo ''what ''?

"did u see that"  ! "that ..t-hat boy he is n-ew i think..but  he is HOT ! " i say

lolo "OMG he is SO hot "

happy “ would you please just stop staring at boys and talking about how cute and hot are  they for a second “ she  laughs

“NO” me and lolo both say at the same time and laugh

happy " i don't really think he is that hot "

"yea i know he is more than just  hot " i tell her and they laugh

 i loved him  from the first second i saw him in school  i always had this crush on him since i was 14 he had this brown awesome wavy hair and he is HOT like really HOT but he had this girlfriend who i really hated she didn't even love him i know it ! but she saw him as the hot boyfriend that all the girls will die when they see him and be jealous from her ,she always loved getting attention to  everything  especially what she is wearing.. to be quit honest what she is NOT wearing , she had this blonde straight hair and i cant lie she is beautiful she has this perfect body but she is really not that quiet loyal girlfriend she cheats on him the whole time and with who ? his bestfriends !! omg she even asked harry out and he said no thankgod he said no ! well brad broke up with her cause he saw her with that boy ..HIS BESTFRIEND and we became best friends since then but that’s what he sees but really in my heart he will always be the boy I love but I wont ever tell him that !

then one day he asked me out on a date then OFCOURSE  I said yes how could I say no ?! then the date was amazing we laughed alot he is really funny and we ate alot too then he drove me back home and I thanked him and said goodbye  and when I was going towards the house he grabbed my hand and turned me to face him then

  “did I forget something?” I asked

 “No but I need to tell you something” he said

 “what ?” I asked

 “well……I had this crush on you since I was with Sophia then I had this feeling that  she is cheating on me  so I stalked her until she arrived at a house and a boy walked out of the apartment and this boy was dylan and he grabbed her and kissed her and I wasn’t surprised she kissed him back then they went to the apartment then I had this feeling that I want to die then you were the only one who came into my mind so I went to my house and you were the only thing I was thinking about and from that day I wanted to be friends with you and let you know me better and I really want you to be my girlfriend ..would you ?”

I felt tears coming out and I was in shock “Y-Yes” “I love you !” then he hugged me and kissed me for the first time ! and I ran to my house and I saw both lolo and happy with their mouth that shapes an “O”

“what did I just see” lolo said with her mouth still an “o”

“OMG BRAD JUST KISSED U “ the same “O”

“ I don’t know what just happened all I know now that im his girlfriend “


“what noooooooooo I’ll tell you everything but stay away from my fridge !” I said and they laugh

And I tell them everything  then we slept 

And the second day I told harry everything he was shocked and sad I don’t know why sad but shocked of course because I told him that he would never love me and then yesterday he asked me to be his girlfriend !


Let me tell you guys how I met harry we were living in the same street he lived in the house next door and we became friends we were 4 I think then we went to school together and we became bestfriends  we had a lot of things in common we had the same personality some of the people in school thought that me and harry were together he always smiles when someone tells us that I don’t know the hell why ? but  ofcourse no were not together how could  they think of that ? we are just best friends he tells me everything about him  even his secrets and I do the same but when we were 7 he had this hidden thing I couldn’t really know he tells me that he hides nothing from me but I know him he surely is hiding something my first friend was harry but I knew another people like happy and lolo they are my bestfriends really they mean so much to me I love them so much we even decided to live together and to never leave each other  when they first  met harry they told  me that he loves me but I always tell them no he is my best friend nothing more and I am the same to him nothing more and they tell me ok but I know they are still thinking of this .. I really don’t know why a lot of people think like that he really is a nice handsome  amazing good looking guy and he really has a pure heart and I love him like he is my brother nothing more and im sure he does the same .

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