Chapter 16

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After that we talked and cried. Mostly cried. Then I left. And I looked at my phone and I had 8 missed calls from Luke. So I called him back "ANDY WE HIT 1 MILLION VIEWS!!! AND IM GETTING LIKE 3 MESSAGES AN HOUR FROM RECORD LABELS.!!!"


I drove home so fast I thought I would get pulled over. But I didn't I ran through the door and Luke was there he grabbed me and picked me up and spun me around. "Andy. We did it."  "Let's contact some of these record labels."

"Oh and what did you and Jenn talk about?"

"Um. She's pregnant."


"Yeah.  And she asked for my help."

"Are you going to help her?" "Probably. Can you help too?"

"I don't know Andy. I mean probably. But I'm not making any promises."

"I didn't either."

Luke sent a message to Sony and they said that they would fly us out to L.A if we keep posting videos for a little bit.

It was about 12:30 ish when we went to bed

"Andy?" He said putting his arms around me


"I love you."

"I love you too Lukey."

"Do you wanna. Move in?"

"Sure. Yeah. I do."

"You found me. You found me at one of my weakest moments.  And I just want to say thank you because if it wasn't for you. I might not be here right now. Andy. Honestly I know that this sounds corny but. I wake up everyday and think. Wow. Someone actually loves me enough to be here. With me and. I wake up like. I have something to wake up for, For once in my life.   Thank you."

"Lukey. You don't have to say thank you. You've helped me through a lot too.  Like a lot. But we'll always have each other. Even when there's no one else."

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