Kenways revenge

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Havana July 1716

The grand ball room was a hive of excitement that night, people everywhere excitedly moved amongst each other josseling, waving and chatting to friends and neighbours, the room was packed. It was the grandest room you'd ever seen, large drapes of velvet hung floor to ceiling and what must have been hundreds or even thousands of candles lit chandeliers that hung, the light twinkled and danced in the room, as a child you'd always been captivated by them, you used to think they used real diamonds.

On special occaisions like this it seemed that anyone who was anyone of Havana would attend in all their finery.
Governors Parties were a grand affair, a chance to show off ones social stance or daughters to prospective husbands. There didn't seem to be a single person of any distinction who wasn't there.

You stood on the large stone balcony breathing in the fresh air, the sheer number of people inside made it stuffy and very hot, you welcomed the cool night sea breeze across your skin and looked out across the impressive gardens that spanned below. Edward stood with his back to the ballistrade scanning the crowds inside, he wasn't here to socialise far from it he was here to seek out Rodregiuz. Edward was after revenge and was going to stop at nothing to get it.

You'd come to the ball with Edward and Ben, they'd both got a score to settle and got word that Rodregiuz and Roberts would be in attendance.
Edward was still looking intently into the huge room like a hunter scanning for it's prey

"You seen anything of him yet Ben?" He said quietly tilting his head to the side.


He turned to his left and saw Ben who was stood there was now drapped around some young woman he'd obviously just met, Ben was whispering into her ear and the girl was giggling wildly

"Fucks sake Ben, are we here to do a job or just drink and fuck the strumpet?"

Ben lifted his head from the nape of the girls neck and looked over to Edward

"Blend in you said Kenway, I'm enjoying my time like everyone else"

His hands returned to working the lacing on the girls dress.

"Where the hell is he?" Edward uttered

"He'll be here, relax" you replied " there's just about everyone of any social stance here, he certainly won't miss out on an opportunity to arse lick anyone who could be any use to him" you continued

"Aye I know lass" replied Edward "it's just I'm not cut out for gigs like this, it's just not me"

If truth be known it wasn't your scene either, you'd rather be with Edward and your friends drinking at The Old Avery, laughing at the others lewd jokes, hearing them cuss and joining in singing sea shanties.


You and Edward had hit it off since the first time you'd met 12 months earlier, there seemed to be a mutual respect and sympathy for each other's past. you'd both fucked up in the past but he didn't cast any judgment over you at all and you liked that.

You were aware of sorts of Edwards past from late night conversations at The Avery you'd had with him long after the others had passed out, you'd built up a trust with him over time and he eventually began to open up little by little, you were aware that he'd been married but they were now separated which hurt him.

The others had always joked and teased him about his love life which he laughed off but you could tell it always struck a nerve with him. Edward was a deeply loyal man and one that always kept his cards close to his chest.

One drunken night back in Nassau a few months earlier, you were both walking back to The Jackdaw from The Avery it was way too late, your drunken legs wouldn't carry you any further and you flopped down into the sand laughing, Edward sat down next to you, drunk but still overtly sober. you never could hold your liquor.

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