He Knew

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He knew who I was at first glance when I was walking my dogs. He knew everythimng about me, anf yet, I was unaware of this. After he knew who I was he would follow me, everywhere, and yet again I was unaware of this, but after I had found out he knew... It was already to late. Now he frightens me, more then anything else. Even in my room I can feel his eyes staring straight into my damned soul. It gets worse every day, I tried to call the cops, but when they arrived, they only suspected I was making up things.

"I'm not! He knew! He knew!" But my pleading never got me anywhere, the cops only left without saying anything else. "What am I suppose to do...? He knew..." I would curl up in my closet and begin crying, but none the less, he knew. He knew that I wouldn't do anything, that I was to scared to. My heart would begin pounding in my chest when his stiletto was visible from inside of my closet. He knew where I was, and I could do nothing to stop him. 

 He knew I was the one who killed him all those years ago. He knew, that he would be the one to bring me to hell, and he knew he would be the one to torture me for all of eternity.

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