As I ran back down through my school halls my eyes were red and puffy,I was crying.

As I thought to myself 'why is my life such a disaster?'

Before I knew it I was in my blue mini cooper and driving to the hospital, I need my mum, and I needed her now...


As I parked, I wiped my tears and ran inside. I was finally safe and sound. My mum however was screeming with pain. I knew that scream, it was life-threateningly high pitched. She was In serious pain. And I can't do anything about it. So, I fell to the ground and once again my emotions were spilling out of my eyes. I was scared, really scared. I screamed

"somebody help her, somebody help her now,please that's my mom,she's going to die!"

The rest was a blur of legs and darkness. I was on the floor, passed out.


I woke up bright lights in my eyes and a woman standing next to me. I sat up on the hospital bed. My head was frobbing and I had a headache.

"what's going on? Somebody tell me please!" it turns out I was shouting at the top of my lungs and the woman next to me told me to calm down and be quieter. I did as she said and returned into my peaceful slumber.


Ok guys first chapter. EEK

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Short I know but I wanted to fill you in a little about Tiffany's life

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