Family "Fun"

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Tyler's Point Of View

The Sunday was dragging along slowly, being the final day of our 3-day spring break, thanks to all the awful snow days we suffered during the school year. As the sun slid across the sky, still out, the day was beginning to end.

After lounging around in sweats and a tank all day, I headed downstairs to make something quick and easy to cook. As my sandals flipped and flopped on the hardwood while I walked downstairs, I saw that my whole family was downstairs. My mom, step dad, and my little sister.

Not trying to interrupt whatever game they were focused on, I quietly walked over to the fridge, making as little noise as possible to avoid becoming apart of their "fun" activities they planned every Sunday. Opening the fridge, it was inevitable to not make noise, I scanned the fridge and found the requirements for a delicious hot-ham sandwich. As good as it sounded, I still checked the freezer to reassure I was not missing out on anything else I would enjoy. Finding nothing better than the sandwich calling my name, I reentered the fridge and took out white bread, mayonnaise, white cheese, and hot ham, the key ingredients to any satisfying sandwich. After piling the food onto each other, the outcome was a masterpiece waiting to be devoured. Heading up the stairs after eating my last meal of the day, my name was called by my mother like an annoying fly in my ear. Instead of ignoring the call, I turned around with the facial expression of "what" displayed on my face.

She moved her hand toward me, signaling for me to come and join them for whatever they had planned for the rest of the night. Past the attitude I had on my face, I knew that eventually I would be happy spending time with my family, the four of us, and I did. My mom and sister cheering and laughing as me and my step dad played Uno brought a smile to my face, especially after I won over my step dad. After a few more rounds of the game, I was finally given the option to return to my room and do anything else I had planned for the night. Which was to look for a outfit tomorrow for the day back to school, followed by a shower, then to get some rest that I would surely need to get through tomorrow with a positive attitude.

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