Hanna's parent's

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Honey where is Hanna? said mom . I don't know . said dad. Let's call our neighbor's . said mom.

Ok said dad.


Hello said stormie

Hi it's your new neighbor Sally.

Ok nice to meet you Sally.

Hanna's parents names are Sally and  Tom back to the story now.

Do you know where Hanna is? Sally asked.

Yeah I do know where she is. said Stormie

Where is she then? asked Sally

At my house . said Stormie.

Tell her to come home.

Ok said Stormie.

End of convo

Hanna , honey you have to go home your mother just called said Stormie.

Ok be there in a sec. said Hanna

Bye said Ross. Bye I said.


If your confused about the parents I'm sorry about that cause I didn't put their names

in the beginning.  So now you know their names now Sally and Tom

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