Chapter 9

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Aramis in MM >


Justice had one hand wrapped around my waist and the other one was squeezing my hand.

"Nigga get this shit out my face !" I slapped the gun out of Aramis hand and walked in with Justice behind me.

I could tell she was still nervous cus she kept squeezing my hand even though we were inside already. I took my hand out her grip and turned and faced her.

"Calm down ma the bathroom right down this hallway."

"I gotta go by myself ? Can you come with me."

"Imma be right here in the living room just call me name."

"Okay August."

She walked of towards the bathroom and me and my day one nigga Spade walked into living room and sat down.

"Man you play too much."

He started laughing like something was really funny and lit his blunt the started talking again.

"My fault I ain't know you was with somebody who is shorty ?"

"Ha name Justice."

"So you a playah now ? What happened to Leah ?"

"Nothing I just needed sumn new."

"Oh I feel you, I feel you but what bout Leah ?"

"What about her ? Shit she still Leah."

"Ight but you gone make the stop with her in the car or you wanna wait ?"

"Hell nah she was scared to go to the bathroom shid I will come back later when she leave."

"Aight imma go with you."


She came out the bathroom and I gave my nigga a hug and then we left out since I could tell she was scared like I was really gone let something happen to her.


"Liberty Adriana Parker get yo black ass downstairs now !"

"I'm trying to take a nap damn !"

"If you not down here in 60 seconds yo mamma gone beat yo fuckin ass."


I rolled out of me bed and threw on some sweat pants over my shorts and went downstairs and sat on the kitchen counter waiting on my mamma to give me his speech while my daddy just stood there sucking on his teeth.

"What were you thinking Liberty ?"

"I was defending myself."

"What exactly happened ?"

"So a couple white girls today grew some balls ! They came at Justice first calling her out her name and then they said sumn bout her mom she got mad and ran across the hallway got in the girl face and they girl hit her first so they was fighting then I go over there to break it up and the girl friend push me on the ground. She was standing over me calling me a B and tellin me to get up. So that's what I did and I told her to get out my face but mama she kept trying me pushing me and putting her fingers in my face so i let hrs have it. "

"So they both hit y'all first and y'all got expelled ?"


"Well I got a few words for that school then cus y'all ain't do nothing wrong. It's those damn white girls fault thinking just cus there white they won't get there asses whooped."

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