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*Mitch's POV*

I sleepily open my eyes, expecting Jerome by my side but he's not. I get up and groan to the heat leaving my body while the cold hits me. I walked into the hallway down into the living room where I notice a warm and loving breakfast sitting on the coffee table. "Jerome?" I looked around but the bacca was no where to be seen. I was about to turn around but I got stuck in a tight embrace, "Morning Biggums!"

I tilted my head down to say morning back to my lovely boyfriend, but that's not what Jerome intended. He held onto me roughly and shoved my back against the wall. "J-Jero-" He roughly kissed me passionately and I soon myself melted into the kiss. He stroked my sides while kissing me slowly. I wrapped my arms around him while grinding slightly on to him. After a few minutes I finally pulled away before anything else could happen. "I can't Jerome.. Not now." I awkwardly pulled myself out of his grip and sat down.

He sighed but smirked. "At least I heard some Benja squeals." I felt the heat raise to my cheeks while he sat down next to me. "You're a cutie, Mitch. I'll take care of myself next time, it's just the morning wood." I chuckled and hugged him tightly, sniffing in his cologne that stayed from yesterday.

"I love you." I smiled at him, waiting for those three words to be returned. "I love you too, Biggums."

I giggled a bit and pointed to the food. "Is that mine?" He laughed and nodded at me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "All yours, babe." I scooted over the plate and began eating the delicious food.

After I finished my breakfast, Jerome threw some fresh clothes at me. "Change, I have a date with you." I grinned widely, remembering it's Saturday. I quickly got up and changed in front of him, not caring if he stared.

I regretted my choice about a minute later. While I was putting on my new pants, my dad walked in, wanting to greet us. He stared at Jerome, sexually eyeing me then me struggling to put on the skinny jeans. "Sorry guys! My bad..." He turned a deep red shade and slowly went back upstairs, to his room perhaps.

Jerome held in his laugh while I fully clothed. "Oh you can suck my.. Chair!" I rolled my eyes and combed my hair through the tv reflection. "Jerome, where are we going?"

"That's for me to know plus it wouldn't be a surprise now wouldn't it?" He wiggled his eyebrows and led us outdoors to his car. "Biggums, that's not fair! What if you kidnap me and never bring me back to my loving, caring, amazing dad?" I made puppy eyes and made sure to make him squeal out what I needed.

"Oh shut your mouth, g! I bet you would love to get kidnapped by this sexy guy." He chuckled and sat in the drivers seat, buckling up easily. "Alright, I fan!" I smiled and sat in the passengers seat, buckling up myself as well.

-Time skip to the surprise o3o-

"Biggums! Why must I still be blindfolded?" I whined and brought my arms in the air, trying to find Jerome. I suddenly felt a tug and then I got lead over to some sort of wooden fence post. The smell of manure overfilled my nose and the sound of horses... Wait horses? "Jerome? Are we..." I smiled widely before I could finish my sentence. "Yes we are, my dear Mitchell."

The blindfold soon was taken off and stashed into Jerome's back pocket. My eyes readjusted to the brightness while I looked around. In clear view, there was a large horse stable in front of me. I walked over to Jerome, who was already petting some of the mighty and lovely horses. I chuckled as he jumped back slightly when the horse began to eat from his hand. "It's okay Biggums, I'm here." I held onto him and kissed his cheek, making sure none of these stinking horses hurt my bacca.

"Hey Mitch, there's also a petting zoo right around the barn, do you want to come with?" I jumped onto his back unexpectedly and threw my fist in the air. "Power moves only!" He clung onto my legs and walked us over to the barn that kept the barn animals. Jerome set me down as we walked into the room but I quickly linked our arms together and stood by him closely. "I'm afraid I might want to take some home, Jerome." I chuckled and lead us over to the miniature pigs which made me remember Ryan.

After washing our hands, Jerome took me to a waterfall that looked absolutely stunning. The sun shun over the leaves from the trees and onto the water which reflected a nice and beautiful rainbow. I watched Jerome pull out a candle and two sandwiches. "It's not much but I love you." I smiled at his little picnic and took one of his sandwiches. "I love you too, Jerome." I nibbled on my sandwich and brushed my fingers on Jerome's hand, making him shiver a bit. "Thank you so much for this. All of this." I gripped his hand but contined playing with it.

To be honest, I never thought I would fall for the first boy I met in New Jersey. Many things have happened because of him. We now have a Minecraft group called Team Crafted. It all happened when I introduced Jerome to my group of friends and they flew over. Were pretty known now, Jerome and I both have around two million subscribers on YouTube. I just basically never want this to end.

*Jerome's POV*

I had one last surprise for my Mitch. I planned out a horseback ride for us and I know how much Mitch has wanted to go horseback riding for a while now. "We have one more thing to do! Come on." I walked us over and got onto one of the horses that was named Betty. Coincidence? I think not.

Mitch happily got on and shook his head. "Are you serious Jerome? This is one of the best moments in my life!" He giggled like crazy and got comfy. "Let's ride already!" I chuckled and lead the path which wasn't difficult. Mitch was like a child when it came to stuff like this. He would point out the littlest things like a rose in a single patch of plains. "Jerome, this reminds me of you." He said while he passed the sheep pen. "Fluffy on the outside, warm on the inside."

We rode for a while until it all went crashing down. Mitch noticed something up ahead and chuckled. "Really Jerome, a fake snake? Are you trying to scare me, you jag?" I was about to question him but, there in front of me I saw Mitch's horse jump back and Mitch himself, getting thrown off. I quickly got off my horse and ran towards him. "M-Mitch? Biggums... Please don't be playing with me now.. I-I.. I can't lose you!" I called 911 and shortly my eyes began to drip waterfalls and soon I saw blackness.


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