Supernatural Dark Horse

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Author"s speech

Why did i name this book Dark horse?

When dean and liz were four they were neighbors, they were in this meadow playing and then dean sees dark black horse, now liz at age 26 sees the dark black horse she realizes what moment and thing she share with dean as a little four year girl.

Why is she consider liz at this point?

When she was three she had just moved into dean neighborhood, he saids welcome neighbor what your name and she saids elizabeth and he smiles and saids nice to meet you liz i am dean.

What happen to liz's family?

Liz's mother Gena Harper made a deal with yellow eye demon in order to save her husband bill Harper then when liz was four she was killed by the yellow eye demon her father bill died by trying save gena but didn't make it back alive.

Where did liz live after her parents death?

She basically moved in with her aunt nora harper and nora has two others girl living in the house and which liz becomes friends with, the two girls names are Destiny Rogers, and Carly Hall

so that all the questions and answer i have if you asks questions through out the book at the end i will anwser them

so enjoy dark horse

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