cop car ( a BVB very short story :D)

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Andy’s Personality: He’s a shy guy always hiding something but he has tried running from his past a numerous of times. He is always there for you no matter how much you moan

 “Come on Becky wait up!” I shouted, but my best friend just ran off to her locker.

“Catch me if you can!” Becky mocked. I finally caught up with her and I both fell in to fits of laughter. Some amazingly hot guy walked past me and stared you right in the eyes as I looked up. I felt my cheeks heating up and turned away. I turned to Becky and whispered “Who’s that guy?” she shrugged her shoulders and replied “I dunno, he was in my Spanish class a second ago I’ve never seen him around before. Must be a new kid pretty strange eh?” “Yeah completely strange I mean look at him!” I replied. ~Absolutely not, he’s actually pretty cute~   I think to myself. The final bell went and I looked at Becky and we both nodded and went different directions.

I couldn’t be bothered to go back to my parents seeing as I know they would be arguing like all the time. If only she knew I thought. Becky and I tell each other everything, every time she asked to stay at my house or come over after school I would always say no straight away because I don’t want her seeing where I actually come from. I mean who wouldn’t blame me, I know she would understand but I didn’t want to tell her. So I want to the park just a few blocks away from my house and sat on the swings. I looked down at my feet and started pushing myself on the swing. After a while I saw a group of guys walking past and saw the same guy who walked past me in the hallway. He looked at his mates and said something and then walked over to me.

“Hey I’m Andy” He said and smiled at me.

“Hey Andy I’m Raven” I replied. Andy came and sat on the swing next to me.

“May I ask why you are still in the school’s uniform.” Andy mumbled.

“Err I haven’t exactly been home yet. I always come to the park after school.” I said as my volume died down near the end.

“Oh, okay then. Want to go for a walk somewhere?” Andy asked me as he got of his swing. I nodded and we both walked off I explained to him why I hardly ever went home. I didn’t understand why i was telling him everything I’ve never said to anyone else. But as he lent in to kiss me goodbye once we got to my house I realized I was in love with him. We both started hanging out straight after school every single day and got to know each other. I felt as if he was the only one who understood me as if he went through something similar. He told me some things about himself.

“Wow and I thought I go through a lot” I mumbled.

“Don’t worry Raven. It’s just in life some people go through more things than others. It’s no biggie I’ve grown up with it so I finally moved away to my bandmates Ashley’s house  ” Andy explained. We both went separate ways and I fell asleep as soon as I pelted it to my bedroom. The next morning was a Saturday and I was woken up by someone knocking on the door, I ran down stairs and opened the door. No one was there but a bunch of flowers were sitting on the steps and a card, I looked both left and right to see if anyone was there and then I realized no one was. I picked up the flowers and card then went inside to the living room. I read the card that said. Dear Raven will you be my valentine. I really like you, I’ll see you at the park at Midday to find out who they’re from-love XXX I smiled and smelt the roses. I saw the time was 11ish so I ran upstairs and by the time I was dressed and cleaned up I then went to the park and saw Andy sitting on the swings.

“You sent me the flowers Andy?” I shouted as I ran over to him. He smiled down at me “You liked them.” He said. I nodded and stood against the frame of the swings, Andy stood up in front of me and without knowing we were both lip locked. I pulled away and said “This is my answer” we both smiled. “Good” Andy said. It started raining so Andy took his jacket off and then he put it around me to make sure I  didn’t get soaking wet. Since then we never left one another’s side.

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