Zayn's POV

At the airport my mom ahead of time told us to look out for someone with our name. We had know idea were we were going so to find out we have to do a scavenger hunt.  "Zayn over here." Nicole said tugging my arm. We walked towards a man in a suite and handed us the next clue.

I move up and down and people use me

What am I?


"The way that's worded makes it sound dirty. I have no idea what  it is. I said looking to Nick.
"Seriously? It's the escalator." She said lifting one eyebrow at me. We bounded to the escalator  and another man stood there with a white card.

Greasy goodness to Zayn. Nasty and fattening to Nicole

What am I?

" Look Zayn, it's describing your cooking!" Haha soo funny! Note the sarcasm. "Let's be serious its pretty bad." She commented.

"well you'll cook for the rest of our lives. " I smirked back leaning in.

"Well now I have a chance at living." She grinned back pushing me away.

"You know what let's find the stupid clue. I got it anyways."(Zayn)
"Thank god my feet are already killing me." She said taking off her shoes. "Its McDonalds!' I yelled excited.(no offence to any one with a special bond with Micky D's) I haven't seen a McDonalds since I started modeling."
"You haven't had McDonalds since we were like 18!?!?

"You say it like its a bad thing."

"We are getting you a burger! 
We got there and ordered a Big Mac "Zayn do I have to? She asked whining.
"Yes take at least one bite."
"Fine if you'll stop nagging me." She bit in and started to chew.
"Is it supposed to taste like paper?" "No. " I ansewerd
She pulled out a piece of white paper. " Are you kidding the clue is in the Burger!" Man my mom is thorough " she yelled."
"Well I still can't have McDonalds unless you want my modeling career to be over.''
But do you like it? I asked eagerly.
" It's okay." She said exasperated. Then she read the card.

I'm around every corner and show you many pictures.

What am I?

She read bending down rubbing her feet.
"OK let's go find the clue."I said walking away then turned around. "You coming?"
Then she gave me a knowing look. "OK get on my back then when were on the plane I'll give you a massage." I hoisted her up the continued to walk around. we got a few looks and some fans started freaking out when the realised that we were married so not long till the world knows.
" Hey Zayn look its one of those dudes by the directory picture thingy." I walked over and thanked god it was a clue.

Go buy two plane tickets and they'll be expecting you enjoy you trip we love you!!!

OK let's go so people stop looking at us. I walked up to the ticket lady person I have no idea what you call them and she gave us a bright smile. ''Just in time, congrats on your marriage Mr and Mrs Malik and here are your two tickets, enjoy and have a safe flight.'' Thank you I said taking them from her hand.'' I wanna know were were going!" Nicole said snatching them out of my hands.
''Oh My literal GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" What what is it? ''Were going to Melbourne,Australia!!!!!!!''
Cool I've always loved Australia!" Loving her reaction more.

"And all the hot guys shirtless!"
"Hello." I said looking up at her. " But none of them will compare to you."

"And this will be the story of how my wife of one hour left me. "Ohh Zayn I won't leave you I love you to much.'' She then leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

We waited at the gate we had 45 minutes till we had to leave and We were both tired and Nicole was uncomfortable . '' I want to rip this dress off of my body.'' She said squirming around in her seat. I laughed at all the wide eyed glares from parents.
"Let's just go to the gift shop  and buy some clothes. When we went in a  lady tapped Nicole on the shoulder.''Hi, are you Zayn and Nicole? " Yes we are. You parents sent you cloths to change in to. "Thank You I'm soo not comfortable in this dress!" The girl handed us two bags and we went our separate ways to get dressed. I had on black skinny jeans a white v-neck and White high tops. Nicole was wearing a white half shirt with a black tank top under White skinny jeans and black sandals. Good thing your my wife because you look really hot right now I whispered In her ear. She turned around and kissed me on the lips passionately. I kissed back my hands trailing down her back. Our  lips moving together. ''Flight to Melbourne, Australia will be boarding in ten minutes. We pulled apart and stayed in each others embrace . Honeymoon here we come.

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