The party was over, but her lecture about the drug isn't.

"Jason, this isn't good for you." I threw it away and wiped my nose before it bled.

"I don't give a damn," I said blankly. She stared into my eyes, worry filling her own.

"Jason. That could kill you." She doesn't get it.

"I don't care. I'd love to die." Her face started to burn, she was getting angry.

"Jason you can't do this to yourself!" I chuckled. This girl is crazy.

"Why do you care so much?" I don't see why she's tripping so much.

"You know what? Never mind. Do whatever you want." Why is she so protective over me? She doesn't even know me.

"Fine Kyler. Listen to me, I don't know why you're so bent on protecting me, but I'll be fine." She just nodded, I could tell she wasn't gonna give up.

"You're so clueless." She mumbled; I almost couldn't hear it.

"Clueless to what?" I shrugged.

"Jason don't you get it? When I saw you break down, when I let you stay, when I was worried because I didn't talk to you? Jason, I love you. Obviously you can't tell when someone actually cares about you." She stood, about to leave. My pupils just darkened.

"It's not that I didn't see it." She turned back to me, tears threatened to rush at any second.

"Then what was it?" My body slumped into the chair, and I sat there with my head down.

"How am I supposed to believe anyone could care about me? I don't even care about myself." She shook her head, smiling at me. It's official, this girl is crazy.

"Jason, I love you. Nothing you say will change that."

"Nothing?" Her expression hardened.

"Nothing at all."

"We can't work." She turned, her face getting pale.

"Why not? Last night you say I'm your girlfriend, and now you say we can't work."

"We just can't fucking work!" I rose, walking to the door of her house.

"Look at me Kyler! I'm a criminal! I have no feelings. I'd only fuck up your future and your emotions." She tried walking over, tears spilled.

"Jason, I can't give up on you okay. I don't care if I fuck up my future. I just wanna be with you. All your flaws, they're perfect to me. You told me you'd at least try."

I paused, the room was completely silent.

"Kyler....Why are you so bent over me?"

"Because I love you. I mean it. And I know you have emotion, you just are afraid to show it. One day, I'll know why."

I smirked at her.

"Fine. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I'll try."

"Really?" I closed the door and picked her up, hugging her tight.

"Yes really." When I put her down, she reached into my pocket and pulled out my gun. She immediately screamed, sending it to the floor.

"Jason! What is that?!" She screeched.

"You better be thankful that it's on safety." She stood still, in shock.

"Why do you have that?" She backed up and brought me to a table.

"Don't answer that. Just empty your pockets." I looked in confusion but soon gave in.

I pulled out two lighters, a box of cigarettes, the gun, a blade, and a pocket knife.

"Jason... What's the blade for?" I looked away.

"Nothing. Just there."

"Jason. Seriously."

"I have it for personal reasons okay?"

"Why do you keep so many secrets?" My blood was boiling.

"Because it's none of anyone's business but mine!" I raised my arms, and quickly put them down. She saw them. The many gashes on my stomach. I felt my heart break.

Kyler Bailey

Cutters. They keep secrets. They keep blades in places nobody would ever think to look. I mean, nobody would look into Jason's pockets. Not if they value their life.

It was the only thing I registered. Jason. I stayed quiet as I sat at the table at a loss for words.

"Where?" He just shook his head, about to walk away.

"Jason I'm serious!  Where are they?!" I pressed up against his chest, he winced a bit.

In this moment, I realize it's all worth it. I'm lucky.

He has these scars forever. I would never, at least not easily.

"Jason?" His eyes were flooding.


"Are we still together?" He smiled as wide as possible.

"Of course. I love you Kyler Bailey."

"Just as I love you Jason McCann." I went to him, hugging him tightly.

In that moment, I didn't care what happened, I just wanted him in my arms.

Since home is where the heart is, my home is anywhere near him.

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