Chapter 15: Will Dreams Come True?

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                                                     Part 11:


    I woke  in the middle of the night in my new house. But, not because of a noise... it was, my dream.

So here's how my dream began:

     I was walking through the woods with a wolf beside me. At first,  I didn't know who it was or where it came from. The ground shook and the wolf growled. Not at me, but at something that was coming for us. I ran and ran and ran, until I came to a dead end. I was out of breath and I couldn't run anymore.

     Then, I look down at the wolf and sat beside it. As I petted it, I realized something. The soft brown fur which belonged to Hunter turned white. This wolf was not Hunter anymore... nor was it Dustin. I gasped in shock as the wolf turned human. It was someone I had dreamed about a long time ago.

     My daughter, Angelica. She had shiny brown hair like Hunter. Sparkly green eyes like me. And the voice of an angel. She held her hand out for me to grab and said, "Mother... please come with me." I looked out in the distance and knew that I didn't want to die, so I took Angelica's arm and we ran. As fast as we could, until we came to a village. I realized this in my other dream too. And the green house was the one that we lived in. Angelica opened the door and I saw Hunter.

      This whole dream was hard for me to understand. Although I understood that me and Hunter were married and Angelica, was our child. I got dizzy and sat on the couch. Hunter wapped a blanket around me and Angelica gave me hot chocolate. I was really confused and I had to solve this confusion.

       "Um... so let me get this straight. Hunter is your father which is my husband and I'm your mother which is Hunter's wife and you're our child? Right?" Humter and Angelica looked at each other twice then nodded at me. But I was still confused. I wanted to know why Angelica had white fur for a wolf when she was supposed to have black like me because she was a girl. Not a boy. I turned toward Hunter and gave him a confused face. "Then why does Angelica have white fur instead of black fur. Like me?"

       Hunter studied Angelica for a little then told me, "Well science says that our daughter has power for a legendary wolf. When she was born human and changed into a wolf for the first time, her fur was black like yours but soon turned white. I say her powers are for healing, communicating with other animals, and noticing trouble before it hits another." Angelica looked stunned. She never knew that she had powers. "So," I say continuing the conversation. "Our darling angel, has powers that she needs to control is what you're trying to say, correct?" Hunter nods his head then turns to Angelica. "Baby angel, can you hide your powers for us and not tell your friends at school? Cause if you do, we could be in big trouble...

        My dream ended there. I woke up with a gasp and held my neck softly. I was heavily breathing. That dream was driving me crazy and I had to finish the end. If I could.

        When I got home, I checked the mailbox. Mail! I quickly ran inside the house and shuffled through the mail. Soon, I found this envelope with my name on it. It had my address and my name, so I opened it. There was a note inside with a present.

Dear Ashlynn,

I feel bad too, but its all over now right? I don't know. I can't concentrate if you're not around. Does that happen too you? So, I hope you like your new school. I bet you made some really great friends too, but promose me this, that you won't find some other guy who's way better than me and then marry him. And brag about to me every single day. Please? Anyway, I really miss you and want you back. Also, I did have weird dreams. Yesterday. Like this one when I was talking to you and our daughter, Angelica. She had pretty green eyes that changed color like yours, my shiny brown hair, and a voice of an angel. Did you have a dream like this one? Please write back. Here's my address: 16 Maryland Avenue in Maryland.

                                                              Love always,

                                                                                    Hunter Dylan Huntsman

P.S. I left a present for you in the envelope.

          I took something out the envelope. It was a promise ring. First or all, no it was not for promising to marry someone who's not Hunter. I would never do that. Second of all, where did he get the money to pay for this? It could've cost him $200 dollars!

          I almost cried, so I didn't put it on. I wanted Hunter to be there and slip it on as if it were proposal. My eyes were blue. I missed Hunter so much. Why did I delete his phone number from my phone? I don't know. I guess I was acting stupid or selfish.

           Then, I stopped crying. I noticed something in the note Hunter gave me. That one sentence that was related to my dream,"Like this one when I was talking to you and our daughter..." I mumbled. We had the same dream. This dream I had yesterday, but when did he have his dream. I reread the letter again. "Yesterday?" That couldn't be. He could've had his dream last week, or two days ago. How am I sup- I was interrupted by my phone and there was a text message. From Hunter. I know I deleted his number, but he didn't delete mine.

Text Message from: Hunter

By the way, I know you probably just got your mail now but, I had that dream yesterday yesterday. Not last week. Miss you so much. XOXO to you Ash.

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