chapter two

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The kits watched as their mom attacked the badger bravely.

Snowys eyes sparkled thrilled. I wanna be brave like her! She throught than growled and raced at the badger.

"Snowy!" Rose cried.

Their mom gasped with surpise. "Snowy no!"

The badger grabbed Snowy easily and hit her ear.

Snowy let out a cry of pain than was thrown against a tree and fell unconious.

Snowy woke up a few hours later covered in blood. She stood up shakely and looked around. "mama? Rose?" She than scented death and her mother. She slowly looked over and gasped. There was her mother. She was covered in blood and only bones was left. Her sister laid beside her asleep.

Snowy gasped and raced over. "Mama? Mama! Mama..." She fell beside her sister and cried.

The next day.

A couple of warriors walked past. One was pure black and the other was a brown tabby.

The brown tabby stopped and scented the air. "I smell kits and death Blackheart."

Blackheart scented the air. "I do too. Lets go see."

The two cats went toward the scent and frowned at what they seen.

"The poor kits..."

"So young to die..."

Snowy perked her ears and turned to them.

"Ones alive!"

Rose also turned sadly.

"They both are! We better take them!!"

"Calm down Stripedeyes. Dont scare them." Blackheart warned and walked over to the kits. "Hello young ones."

Snowy looked down.

Rose looked at him.

"We are going to take you to our camp. You will be safe."

"What about our mama?" Rose asked.

Stripedeyes walked over. "Shes with starclan now young one. Its best to come with us. I know she would want you too." Stripedeyes picked up Rose and Blackheart took Snowy and they headed to camp.

Rose looked over at her sister and frowned.  She seems so sad...I wish I knew how to make her happy again...

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