I'm No Good

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A large sigh escapes my lips as I stare at the house in front of me. We just moved to Seattle, Washington. By we I mean my father, my sister Kat, and I. The house is old and creepy looking, which sends me bad vibes. 

"Dad, why'd you pick the scariest house on the block?" Kat asks, I nod in agreement with my sister. 

"You guys are dorks, this house isn't the scariest! Have you seen some of the houses down the street? Anyways, it was below my price range and a lot nicer looking than the other houses I was looking at." He shrugs and walks up the porch with boxes in his hand.

I grab two boxes and follow my dad. Since apparently the house was already furnished and my mom took all of our old furniture we have barley any stuff with us. Most of it is clothes and small belongings. 

"Dad, can you please hurry, these boxes are heavy!" Kat whines in front of me.

I love my sister but sometimes she can get very annoying. We're a lot alike also so we have clashing personalities once in a while. She's a year older than me making her 18 whilist I'm 17. Both of us are Cancer's.

"Sorry honey, I can't find the keys." He says digging through his pockets. "Ah, here we are!" He exclaims pulling them out and shoving them in the door knob. 

We make our way inside, the inside shockingly beautiful, its very vintage.

"Okay dad, is this like a trick, is this like all cardboard and when I touch it, it's going to fall?" I ask my dad looking over at him. He chuckles a bit and shakes his head. 

"No, it's not going to do that. You kids and your T.V. now days." He chuckles and shakes his head. I shrug a little at his reply.

"So the bedrooms are upstairs girls, go pick your room and then I'll start dinner up, I'll probably just end up ordering pizza because we don't really have food. I will see." He chuckles making me smile. 

Kat is already running up the stairs like a wild animal. I laugh because she almost misses a step. I walk up the stairs definitley slower than her. The stairs are very lovley, dark wood making each step. I get to the top and walk the direction my sister did. I walk into a room. It's pretty large and has a few windows. It has a window seat and wooden floors, its beautiful. 

I sit my two boxes on the floor and sigh looking at the queen sized bed, no sheets. Well, looks like I get to set up my room. I open the box that has my room things in it, different box than my clothes. I pull out my rose colored sheets and my pastel pink comforter. I sit the comforter on the floor while I attatch the sheet to the bed. At least I know the mattress is comfy. 

I sigh as I realize  my pillows are still in the car. I wetten my lips by dragging my tongue across them and leave my room, walking down the stairs. 

"Dad, I'm going to the car!" I shout. 

I leave the house and walk down the porch. I make my way to the car and feel like there's eyes on me. I look around but see nobody. I shake the feeling off and continue walking to the car.

I smile as I see my pillows in the car. I make my way towards the car, grabbing the two pillows out and stuffing them between my arms. My elbow slams the trunk door as my eyes spot two large blue ones stare back at mine. 

"Can I help you?" I call out. The eyes dissapear as soon as I speak. A sigh escapes my lips making my way back up to the porch. 



Hello today diary, we just got moved in and I already start school tomorrow. My dad is literally and utterly insane, making us move and the next day starting school again. He causes so much confusion to go through both my sister and I. 

I hate that I had to leave my last school, it utterly blows. I'm not exactly sure why we had to move, even though I have an idea of why. All my dad said was "It's because of personal reasons." which is a major eye roller. Since my mom no longer is living with us in our Colorado house, Kathy and I have to obey our fathers rules. Not that I can blame him for wanting to get out of Colorado.. I mean, he really didn't explain why he wanted to leave, like  I said earlier but I feel like it's becasue my mom..sigh.. The great factors of a broken home. 

I don't know what I'm going to wear tomorrow or how I'm going to style my hair. I want to look elegant but I don't want to look too "show off" like. It's kind of hard to judge what will be acceptable at the school because I just moved to Washington from Colorado. I'm sure the people and styles are different. 

Well, eneough rammbeling about clothing and what to wear. I'd enter more tonight but as I said I start school tommorrow and I am more than tired. My sleepy medicide along with driving all day is kicking in hard as of right now. I feel like I might pass out which would not be good!! I will write more tomorrow and say how my first day was and how I feel about the school, hopefully it'll be good and I'll survive. Night xx

I shut the overflowing diary, the pages sticking sticking out in a few directions. I stand from the window seat and throw the diary on the white vanity. I stretch out my limbs and walk to my open door. 

"Night dad!" I holler down the hall.  His room is down the hall from mine so he better be able to here.

"Night, baby. Sweet dreams!" He shouts back. 

I close the door and slide my pants off my legs. My bra unclips easily from under my shirt. I immediatly fall onto the bed and almost fall asleep at the softness of the mattress, sheets, and comforter. I set alarm on my radio to go off at 6 am. My fingers flick the lamps switch off, turning the room dark. I roll over onto my side squeezing my eyes shut burrying myself in my sheets, slowly drifting off into sleep

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