Luck on Ice

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The hinge of the gate creaked softly as the girl lifts it up to slip through. In her left hand dangling a pair of ice skates on almost ripped laces. The tips were worn out and the leather was cracked, the runners bright as a mirror. In front of her, in the darkness was a door to a locker room. She stripped the coat off of her small shoulders and slipped silently into the skates. The rubber mats on the floor swallowed any noise as she walked towards the hall. The gate in the balustrade was oiled and didn't make a sound. The runners pulled over rough synthetic ice, her movements graceful as that of a trained horse. With incredible ease, she glided, spun fine ice dust and jumped in pirouettes through the air. Even the impact on the ice could not be heard, so easy she it went for her. Only the scratching of runners and the squeak of leather cut the eerie silence in the huge hall. In the very first dawn she crept back through the barrier and back home. Her family had not even noticed her disappearance, no wonder, because nobody cared about her. Her big sister slept no more as she entered the common room but said nothing. She was the only one who knew where Ellie disappeared every second night.


He'd had enough. The time was over now. He could no longer tolerate this crap, it did not work. Still one more day and he would go mental. His job took him so much in demand that he almost never saw his family and his work was his hobby. He would get a clear head tomorrow.


A faint scratch made him raise his head. Down there, on the ice, a girl skated her rounds and jumped around like a feather in the wind . He got lost in his thoughts at her sight and forgot his troubles and his everyday life. She seemed to dance to a silent song, wrote the lyrics with her body on the ice and enchanted him with it. Who was she?


It was again been a nightmare-filled last night. In the evening she stalked back to the ice hall and practiced obsessively. When she looked at the empty ranks, she discovered someone in the almost last row high above. On closer inspection, she saw a boy, maybe two or three years older than herself. She slowed down her running rhythm and stopped. Her eyes wandered up the tribune and her eyes met his. "Who are you?" - "Something I do not want to be." Strange. "Come down," she asked him. Silently he followed her desire and took the beton steps down between the plastic seats. "What are you doing here?" "I'm thinking." Thoughtful silence. "I dance with the night. The next weekend, the German Junior Championship's taking place. "Another silence. "Will you be although there?" Her voice was barely more than a whisper of leaves in the wind. The stranger nodded. "I am responsible for the music system." Pause. "Are you ever coming home? I don't like to go home, I am not welcome there. "


"I miss home a lot. My brothers, my parents, my grandmother. But as pianist and DJ I'm traveling a lot and rarely at home. "What is your life like this?" - "Exhausting, but I like my job." - He discovered the glass piano, which he was supposed to get finest melodies out of on the weekend. Some of the participants weren't into music from a tape for their freestyle but a piano piece. "I live for the ice ... since I was four, I run here, but my parents died two years ago, since then my aunt and uncle have forbidden me the sport. I only come here at night to trainee ... " Her voice was lost in the vastness of space. "You'll make it, ... What's your name?" - "Lena, but please do not call me like that. I'm still the Ellie everyone knew two years ago. My aunt always used my full name, I hate it so much!" Poor thing, the little one. He slowly put his arm around her shoulders, always giving her the opportunity to escape his embrace. But she just stood there, close to tears, and buried her face in his chest. He felt the wetness of her tears on his shirt and stroked her hair comfortingly. "Everything's fine, El, all everything's fine..."


His voice sounded full and calm in her ears, it comforted her that he was there, though she did not even know his name. She raised her head and looked into his blue eyes. "What is your name?", she asked. "Willi." - "Have you ever had the feeling to be welcome nowhere? Nowhere to belong to? "He nodded slowly. She was not alone with their feelings. That was the only thing that mattered.

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