1) That new kid

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Hey guys! Somehow my last story got deleted so I'm starting a new story following..... Shane and Joey!so with out farther ado here is It's Me.


Joeys POV

I woke up on the bottom of a pool

I was stuck. Motionless, effortless.

I wanted to shout help! You knew you couldn't you did this to yourself

I ran out of breath. Word started flowing In my head

Faggot, gay, prick, no-one

Then my eyes closed

Mom: Honey, wake up!

Joey: Ughhh

Mom:Hey! It's the first day of school joey meet new people.

Joey: But I'm that new kid!

Mom: Just promise me you will make one friend?

Joey: I will try.

We moved here the last week of August.

I was gay but "closeted"

I was going into 9th grade.

I started walking downstairs.

Mom: Bye joey!

Joey: Bye mom!

I got on the bus and already there were weird looks

I saw someone sitting alone so I sat there

Joey: Hi I'm joey

X: Hi I'm shane.

Joey: So are you new?

Shane:No you?

Joey: yea from Oregon

Shames eyes were gorgeously blue

His hair parted to the side with a little gel.

Like damn if we weren't on the bus I would kiss him!

Shane: hey can I see your schedule we might have some classes together.

Joey: Here you go

I handed him my schedule

Shane:We have English and math together.

Yes we have two everyday classes!

Joey: We have two permanent classes together!

Shane: What's your number?

Joey: 1-804-555-2430

The bus stopped at the school

Shane:See you in math!

Joey: Ok!

Damn I don't care what I have to do he was going to be mine by the end if the school year!

_=End of chapter 1=_

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