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-Mitch's POV-

I can't bring myself to leave. I watch my friends and family mourn my loss. I edge closer to the edge of the roof. I stare down into the yard and see my brother and my friends. Tyler is sitting with bodil. Leaning on his shoulder. Jerome, Adam and Ty are rolling around for no reason. I laugh a little as I watch them. I open my large shadowy wings and stretch them out.

-Tyler's POV-

I am sitting with bodil when I noticed something circling over head. I lean back and stare toward it. A large dark form with even bigger black wings. Then I heard a shout. I turn and look across the field. Three guys, all with guns appear. They yell for us to get down and give up our belongings. I watch the others empty their pockets and lie down. I don't. I can do whatever I want. One of them comes over to me.

"Get down!" he shouts at me.

I shake my head and watch as he raises his gun at me. Then I hear a screech like an eagles, and the giant dark bird thing smashes the guy down. Then I notice its Mitch. He takes out his sickle and slashes the guys head, tearing flesh and crushing bone. Then he barges into another guy. He smashes him down and hacks away at his chest. Then he charges the last guy. The guy looks up, aims, and fires. But its too late. Mitch is on him, cutting the guys head clean off. Then he stands, staring at the body before him. Then I see it, one of the guys gets up and aims at Mitch.

"MITCH!" I scream.

Mitch turns and the man open fires. Shot after shot pierce his chest and wings. Then the man falls, dead to the ground.

"M-Mitch?" I ask meekly.

He stands tall. Then sways and falls. I race to his side. I lift him into my lap and examine his wounds. He whimpers lightly as I run my fingers over one of his wounds.

"S-Seto can....h-help." Mitch stammers.

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