The whole lesson, I was with my head down and concentrating on my work, for once. Normally I would be casually staring at Stefan,  but this time I was trying so hard NOT to! I know its not his fault that I'm kind of... whats the word? Pissed off? with him but, I don't know, I suppose Bels is right I need to tell me how I feel! but then, I'm scared of what his reaction might be! Why is life so annoying!

'Psst! Rose! Rose!' Stefan whispered , I completely ignored him! Normally I would be there before he even had a chance to call my name!

The bell went, it was lunch break,  i signed of relief, I quickly logged off and packed my things before he had a chance to talk to me!

'Rose, Can.. Can I talk to you?' he said grabbing hold of my arm

'Why? ' I asked,  slowly releasing my arm away from grasp

'Just please!' He begged!, I cant believe that at the time that I don't want his attention most , he gives it to me.

'I need to get going me and Bels have this thing so can we do this another time? ' I asked, not looking at him, I saw Bels at the door, waiting for me.

'Urmm.... Yeah,  yeah sure!' he said looking at me.

'Okay,  See you in art?' I said walking towards Bels.

'Lets go!' I said, taking deep breathes

'What was that about, that was a good time to tell him!' Bels said,  playfully punching my shoulder

'I know but, grr! lets just, I don't want to talk about this anymore!' I snapped

'Okay but when you do, I'm here and ready to listen!' she smiled.

'Come lets go, I want to get my muffin before they run out again!' I said, starting to walk towards the hall

'haha, okay! haha!' she laughed

I laughed too

'They are really nice, you should try one!' I said, still laughing

After we bought our muffins and we started to walk to our usual lunchtime spot, under the large stair case on the second floor (Outside our registration room) Hardly anyone is there, which is why we chose it as our spot.

Today the second floor, where we were, was surprisingly crowded, probably because of the new foreign exchange students from Spain and Italy! There are 2 boys and 1 girl moving to our group , they were all Spanish, one of the boys are called Jonnie and the other is called Ethan, the girl was called Cheryl. Rosa was coming up the stairs of the second floor meaning the boys must be really hot! Rosa never comes to the second floor! Its like the last place she would want to be in school, she dreads it. First time since I've been here anyway. It was a loud and noisy lunch break, the whole hour and a half, you could just hear people talking about the foreign exchanges.



The bell went

It was time for registration,  everyone went in, the teacher was late, like always, by the time that Mr Payton that got there, the exchanges arrived with a teacher. They stood in the door way.

The two boys walked in, one of them looking really cocky, he has blondy hair with browny ends/tips, his hair was right up like a pyramid . The other one had a quiff  too not as much and his hair color was brown. The girl was blonde.

'Haba English? (Do you speak English?)'  Mr Payton asked them all, it was literally all he knew in Spanish

'Yes!' they all replied, with no accent?

'Oh good, okay! Introduce yourselves?' Sir asked putting his hand out, signaling them to come in.

They all came in, One of the boys started of, it was the one that was looked cocky

'Hi, I'm Ethan Orre, I'm 17, my birthday is April 1st 1997, I like playing football and rugby.' He said,  playing his hands

'He seems really cocky!' Bels whispered over to me.

'I know!' I replied,  distracted, 'That other guy is cute!?' I whispered looking at him

'Yeah he is! haha!' Bels laughed, looking over at him.

The girl went next, 'Hi I'm Cheryl Halle, I'm 16, 17 next week! My birthday is on 15 of November 1998. I have a non-identical twin brother,  I like reading and music!' She said introducing her self!

'She seems really nice!' I whispered to Bels who was looking at the other biy that still had to introduce him self

'Yeah, yeah she is!' she replied turning her head but still looking at that boy.

'Oi! Stop looking at the boy! ' I said laughing, playfully punching her.

'Sssh!' Sir sounded

Last up was Jonnie, 'Hi I'm Jonnie Halle, I'm Cheryl twin! I'm 16 to, its my birthday to on the 14 of November 1998, if you're wondering how we're twins but born on different days, I was born at 11:54pm on the 14th and Cheryl was born on 00:03am on the 15th. I like football and music.' he said smiling!

'He has DIMPLES!' Bels shouted

Everyone turned around and stared at us!

Jonnie smiled!

Everyone turned back to face the front.

'Urmm.. can 3 people please show them to their lesson?  they have art? is that right?' sir said

'Yes!' Ethan replied

'Okay,  any volunteers?' sir said, turning

Me and Bels both put our hands up first, then nearly the room was filled with hands up!

'Okay, Rose and Bella, since you were the first two. And Simon. Sir pointed (Simon was Bels ex, theyvwent out for 5 months, they were so cute together, until Simon cheated on her. She hates him for what he did, she really liked him)

'Okay, pick out of Cheryl , Jonnie and Ethan, Rose!' Sir looked at me

'Urmm... Cheryl?' I chose

'Okay,  Cheryl, can you please go and stand next to Rose? And now Bella!' Sir said as Cheryl walked over to me!

'Hi!' Cheryl waved, standing next to me.

'Urmm... Jonnie?' Bels chose

Jonnie smiled!

'Can you please go next to Bella?' Sir asked him (in case he didn't want to go with Bels) Jonnie walked over to us. 'Okay,  so Simon, you re with. ...'

The bell went, everyone got up

'...Ethan!' sir shouted over the noise of clash of chairs against tables.

'Okay, bye!' Sir said as everyone left.

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