Alarm Clocks

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Every teen on the planet dreads the morning alarm clock. So I have a $20 phone from Kmart (embarrassing I know!) and I have no credit so I just use it as an alarm clock. So you know how you can go into settings and set like 8 different times for an alarm? for some reason my phone sets it's own alarm- AT 1:30AM EVERY MORNING!!! Do you know how it feels to be dreaming of like food or something and then an alarm starts blasting in your ear? It's one of the reasons I have a short-temper. I never set that alarm, it is always off but it goes off every night at 1:30am which pisses me off.

Now, because I have no good ringtones on my phone to use for my alarm, I downloaded the alarm app on my Ipod and set everything up and put it back on my doc.........and it never goes off. My Ipod has to be ON all night so it can actually work. WTF i don't have the ability to fall asleep with ANY light in my bedroom, a little glowing Ipod screen ain't gonna work for me!

My parents tell me to set my alarm every night so then they don't have to come in and wake me up. I set my alarm, it goes off and five seconds later, they are in my room waking me up. WHY DID WE HAVE THAT CONVERSATION!?!! If you want me to wake up on my own, let me sleep until 9:00am which I would prefer. I am NOT getting up at 6:15am sharp every morning. I know that my dad gets up at 5:00am and my mum get's up at 4:30am every morning but that doesn't mean I want to (or have to, to be exact). 

Did you parents find out something about you? Mine did. My dad figured out that if he doesn't turn the light on, I won't get up. I cannot sleep with light! It's a curse but my dad found that out so he turns the light on in my room every morning and I slowly get out of bed........Fudge monkeys.

Well thank you all for readin, write a comment if you have any other alarm clock stories or issues thank you

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