Chapter 5

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We pulled up to a huge four story building with a giant pair of pants and a shirt plastered to its cement side. "Where here!" Addison announced excitedly sliding out of the driver's seat and stepping out into the store's parking lot. We all followed behind her as she raced through the door.

As we walked in behind her an older lady with pale blonde hair and grey eyes smiled at us from behind the sales counter. "Good afternoon ladies let me know if you need any assistance" "thank you" we all called over our shoulder as we made our way through the overflowing racks throughout the first floor.

As I was looking through a rack of shirts, Lacey looked up from where she stood across from me an amused expression on her face.

"What?" I asked just as a pair of arms snaked around my waist pulling me into someone's warm chest. "Hey there Vonnie" a husky voice whispered against my ear. There warm breath against my neck causing shivers to run down my spine.

I tilted my face up to look into Cody's smiling crystal blue eyes. I smiled up at him earning a small chuckle to shake his chest. "Did you miss me Vonnie?" I turned in his arms so that I was now facing him and wrapped my arms around his neck, I leaned into him standing on my tip toes. Stopping just when our lips were inches apart "of course I missed my little Cody bear" I said before pulling away with a smirk.

He sighed deeply "you are such a little tease Vonnie, wanna get some lunch?" I turned my head to the side to see my friend's disappearing up stairs.

"Well I don't know..." he poked out his bottom lip giving a mock pout, "pretty please?" "Fine."

"Great" he said excitedly as he laced are fingers together pulling me outside towards his car.

"So how'd you know where I was anyway Cody bear?" He chuckled to himself before glancing over at me "well I wanted to surprise you so I called Vance and he said you had just left, so here I am."

"Where are we going anyway?" I asked looking out the window at the shops that buzzed by. "The grill, where else?" He said pulling into the rundown parking lot of our favorite hangout spot.

As we walked into the grill a girl with short purple hair came up to us "welcome to the grill my name is Casey and I'll be your server." She led us to the table, and I couldn't help but notice Cody's eyes traveling down Casey's long tanned legs.

He huffed as I elbowed him in the ribs with a smirk, "what not enough girls at camp?" Cody glowered playfully at me before slinging an arm over my shoulders "it was an all guys camp so no" he whispered against my ear.

Casey took our orders before disappearing in the back of the grill, leaving me and Cody alone. "I really missed you Vonnie" "ugh Cody stop calling me that you know I hate it." "Ok I'll stop calling you Vonnie if you stop calling me" he gave a fake shudder causing me to laugh "Cody bear." "Oh well sorry Cody bear but I can't do that" "Ok then Vonnie" he drawled.

Casey came back with our orders setting the plates of steaming food in front of us. Cody winked at Casey causing a blush to spread across her cheeks. I kicked Cody under the table causing him to grunt. "Jealous Vonnie?" "Of course not I just wanted to kick you" "ok whatever."

"I really, really missed you Vonnie" "I know you already said that, I think you might be losing your charm Cody bear." "Oh no Vonnie definitely not if anything my charm has increased by 100%."

After we finished our food and paid the bill we got back into Cody's car and he drove back towards my house.


"Well thanks for lunch" "anything for my little Vonnie," "well...see ya later I guess." I said before stepping out of the car, only to hear the engine cut off and see Cody getting out of the car a bag slung over his shoulder.

"Uh what are you doing?" "Oh I didn't tell you?" "Uh obviously not" "oh well I'm spending the night" "of course you are" I said sarcastically swinging the door open. "You know it babe" Cody said cockily sliding his hand into mine weaving our fingers together. Just as Vance, Victor, and Kester came into the living room.

They all locked eyes on Cody and me standing in the doorway and our interlocked hands. "Oh great Cody's back" Vance said sarcastically grinning at his best friend before giving him one of those odd guy handshake chest bump things.

"Well Cody this is Kester" Vance said pointing a finger over his shoulder "sup man" Cody said acknowledging Kester. Kester gave Cody a curt nod before following Victor back out of the room.

"Vallory!" I heard mom yell from somewhere in the house, "oh yeah Von next time you decide to leave the house you might want to tell mom about it." "Um..." I looked up at Cody who had a knowing smirk across his face. "Help" I mouthed as mom came storming into the room glaring at me.

I held my breath preparing myself for her next words that usually consisted of much yelling and intense punishments. But before she could say anything Cody was at my side an arm wrapped around my waist "hi Mrs. K!" Almost instantly my mother's glare softened as she shifted her eyes to Cody "hello dear nice to see you made it back safe." "Yes ma'am thank you, and I very sorry for kidnapping your daughter before she was able to get word to you."

"Oh that's fine I hope you to had a good time" she said while smiling sweetly any anger she still had vanishing.

Yeah mom pretty much loved anything to do with Cody especially if I was with him.


I plopped myself down on the couch settling in to watch a movie with Cody and Vance. They were both arguing over what we should watch when I finally interjected picking the one Cody wanted to watch. Cody sat right next to me pulling me into his lap "thanks babe, I really wanted to watch this movie."

"Ewe! Gross Code that's my baby sister right there" "yeah Cody bear I'm his little sister" "fine Vonnie." He slid me off his lap so I was sitting in his side now, "better?" "Much" Vance and I chorused at the same time "good" Cody said pulling me closer into his side.

About halfway through the movie mom came in with several trays of snacks setting them all down in front of us. "Me and your father are going out for the night as soon as he gets home so keep an eye on the twins for me please." "Sure thing mom" Vance replied while plucking a cookie from one of the trays. "Have fun on your date Mrs. K," mom chuckled at Cody's remark heading back out of the room.

After the movie was over I went up to my room grabbing my caller and walking outside. I sat on the edge of the balcony's banister leaning back against the house.

"Call Lacey" "calling Lacey" a robotic voice responded to my demand. After two rings she picked up "Hello?" "Hey lace thanks for ditching me today" "hey you were with Cody and he looked like he wanted you alone." "Excuses, excuses" I chided laughing into the caller "whatever Von you know you had more fun with Cody; you haven't seen him in forever." "Yeah, yeah whatever."

I turned my head to the side as someone knocked on my patio door. I was really surprised to see Kester standing there, "uh Lace I'll call you back something just came up" "ok but..."

I cut her off silencing my caller as Kester stepped out onto the balcony. "Hey" "hey" I responded drawing my legs up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them. Kester walked over to me leaning back against the banister. "You ok?" "Yeah why?" "Oh I don't know your just sitting out here all alone" "yeah I'm fine I just come up here to think and stuff." "Oh" we sat in a comfortable silence just gazing up at the stars. But after a while the memory of my conversation with Harper came back to mind.

"Hey Kester can I ask you something, it might seem a bit weird though" "sure anything." I hesitated for a minute trying to figure out the right way to word my question. "Did we-did we ever meet before like-like when we were younger" he was silent and seemed to tense at my question. "Kester please tell me" he turned to face me his eyes locking with mine, a strange emotion flashed in his eyes before quickly vanishing.


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