Chapter One

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It was the 5th July 2011 and work felt long on this beautiful California day. Maddie was photographing OM&M.

"Oh my god, Austin would you please stop playing around" you huffed.

"I'm just goofing around, Mads" Austin smiled.

You knew you could never resist that smile and rolled your eyes and let off a small smile.

"Right, seriously this is the last shot then we can call it a day"

You were fed up of working in doors and today was more difficult then you expected considering you were working with your boyfriend, Austin. 

"Perfect, lets pack up and get out of here"

You were glad the shoot was over and couldn't wait to go out with your friends tonight. As you were packing up you felt two long arms around your waist.

"Good work, Babe!" Austin said whilst digging his lips into your neck.

"Why thank you. It's what I do best!" You said laughing.

You carried on packing your things away and looked over at Austin who was glued to his phone.

"Austin" you said.

"AUSTIN" you said it this time louder.

"Huh" Austin grunted from across the other side of the room, Still glued to his phone.

"I'm going home, are you coming or what" You said in a pissed off tone considering he ignored you.

"Yeah, i'll meet you down there" Austin grunted whilst looking at his phone.

You curled your lip and let out a huff noise, This wasn't the first time he has been glued to his phone it has been going on for about a month now. Walking down the stairs you were over thinking which put you in a foul mood. Waiting in the car for Austin. You finally saw him coming down the stairs.

"Hurry up, Austin! I have to get ready!" You shouted from across the parking lot.

Austin finally got in the car and with that you went home.

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