Chapter 6

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( The Next Day )

Tatianna's POV

Today is my birthday bitchhhh ! I'm so happy ! Right now I have on my outfit I brought yesterday and I look so pretty. I just came back from having breakfast at Denny's with Britney and my to babies. Now I'm about to go to the movies with Hayden and his new friend girl. She is so polite and really pretty. They both told me happy birthday when we came out the ice cream palor. I'm having a blast. I haven't seen Trayvon since yesterday and I think he set all this up to keep me from the house. We are going to see the Haunted House 2. Because Hayden is old enough he could watch this rated r movie. After cracking up the whole entire movie, I went to go get another outfit for tonight.

Including Hayden and his friend girl lashauna we went in to some store in the mall and I got this tight dress that was sooo pretty with some black covered wedges, but there not open toed. Away doing that we brought something for Hayden and then he brought something for her. When we got in the car it was 6:00 and we headed back to Britney's house an I took a bath a changed clothes and Hayden and Lashauna stayed here at Britney's house until Lashauna's mom came and got her. I went back to the house and it was dark when I turned not the light I seem rose peddles leading it the lit hen where Trayvon sat smiling at me. He got up and walked to me he kissed my lips and said happy birthday he pulled out my sit and I sat down. We began eating and talking and laughing after eat we just talked.

Uhh Tatiana I have to tell you something." He said nervously. Okay just tell me." I said simply

He got in his knee an pulled out a small black box. " Tatianna Nicole Ashley Dalarosea Belemy will you Marry me?" He said opening the box showing the big 15k ring. "Omg OMg Yess Yessss hell yesss!" I screamed. He got of his knee an put the ring on then he picked me up and carried me to the bed room and you know what went down from there. Now I am Mrs. Tatiana Jackson.

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