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Pen Your Pride

these bitches are driving me crazy

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Janes p.o.v

at school

my day is bad these bitches  are getting on my nerves  "look at that bitch "some blonde said pointing at me as I stood putting  my books into my locker and taking the ones I need  "I know you ain't talking " I said  loud enough so she can hear me "excuse me  " she said in a screeched voice  "you heard bitch oh and calm it down it down on the voice  dont want to break anyone's ear drums do we " I  replied in a innocent voice god knows I ain't innocent   she was about to say something but sarah stepped in front of me  and growled at the bitch in front of me see sarah is a silver wolf  a silver wolf is a wolf is a guard to a white wolf or a blue wolf in my case .   so she protects  me and liz is also a silver wolf "let it go sarah  its not worth a silver's time " I said placing my hand her shoulder   a she  turned and stood next to me "bye bitch see you  around "the blonde said  walking down the hallway "these bitches are driving me crazy sarah "I turned and told sarah 

at lunch

  I had to turn down a ton of guys   who wanted  to hook up with me   I also met a few she-wolfs   named  Jasmin and  Valerie    the both found they're mates  so me  Jasmin ,valerie ,sarah and james and myles  (valerie's and jasmin's mates)  are all eating at a table in the back

James p.o.v

I was sitting at a table with my mate and her friends and thought if I should tell the alpha that there are three new lone wolves  at our school  "yes we should " my wolf blake  told me "fine " I told him

"alpha there are three new lone wolves at the school you told us to check out "

"thanks for the information after school can you bring them to the pack house"

"ill try alpha"

"ok james "

now how will  I get them to the pack house.....

Found the picture up top on a goggle search I thought it was cute anyways bye

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