Chapter 17

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Joel's P.O.V

I don't know what is going on. Amy hasn't been answering her calls and when she does she talks about breaking up.... I don't know what I have done wrong. I decide to call Andy,

"Hello", he says

"Hey Andy it's Joel. Amy is not answering her calls and when she does she talks about breaking up, I need help!", I am now crying,

"Hey it's going to be okay, come over to my house and we will talk because Ryan and Adam are here"

"Ok", I hang up and get into my car and drive to Andy's.

When I arrive I am engulfed into a huge hug from Ryan and I begin to cry,

"Joel it's going to be okay", he says reassuring me whilst Adam pats my back....

"No it's not! I have lost her forever".

1 month later....

I haven't heard from Amy in a month.  I am so depressed and all I have been doing is drinking alcohol, I go onto my phone and go onto twitter and I look at Amy's account, I cry as I look at her picture and I then tweet, 'I have never missed someone as much in my whole life.' I hit send and lie on my bed, "Hey Joel get up, we have a gig tonight so we need to leave", Adam says as he walks through the door, "I'm coming", I say and we leave.

"So have you heard from Amy", Ryan asks me as we wait until our manager arrives, "No I miss her so much! I wanted to start a family with her... I love her", I began to cry but I try to hold it in, "Hey guys are you ready to go to the sound check?", Aaron says and we stand up and leave...

Amy's P.O.V

I go on to twitter and notice Joel's tweet he sent, I miss him but what his mum told me hurt me a lot...

Joel's P.O.V

We are now on stage and I can hear the screams of fans... we are singing 'When she was mine' and I look into the crowd and see Amy, it couldn't be her... I look at her and she looks away, I am trying not to cry but when she sing the chorus, I can't hold it in... "When she was mine... everything was easy... everything was simple-", I run off the stage crying and I run to my dressing room, I hear a knock on the door and then Aaron walks in and sits beside me, "What's up Joel", he asks me,

"A-Amy is out there and I have lost her forever, I don't even know what I have done wrong...", he puts his arm around me and then leaves the room, I bury my head in my hands and cry, "Joel", I hear a voice say, I look up and see Amy standing at the door with tears down her face...


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