:) fight for love (a mindless behavior rayray love story

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My pov

what's up its your girl Brooklyn I'm 17years old I have one sister name amber she is 7 and a brother name sean that is 8 I'm a huge fan of mindless behavior so is my best friends their names are Taylor,Mia,and Diamind I got four mindless behavior concert tickets and back passage well I'm out


amber:wake up brook mom want you


(walk down stairs)

me:yes mom

mom: I'm going to the store watch your brother and sister your dad left early for work


(walks out house)

sean:brook wheres mom

me: the store why

sean: just wanted to know

(both of them go upstairs)

(call mia)

phone rang two times

mia: hello

brook:what's up

mia:nothing much

Brook: guess what


brook:I got 4 MB tickets and backstage passes

mia:You lieing

brook: nope it's tonight at 8 get ready I'm coming to get you and the girls when my mom comes back

mia: k I got to look sexy for my ej

brook: lol bye


hang up

watch TV in

living room

mom comes back

mom:im back

brook: I'll be back

(walks to her black and pink benz)

(go pick up girls and go to mall)

taylor:oooooooo this is pretty(pick up a green shirt that say baby I in white letters)

diamond:that looks good on you

Taylor:im going to get it for my Prince

(atfer they went shoping I took them home to get ready)


I'm wearing a purple half shirt that say obeyand black leggings with my black and purple Jordons Taylor is wearing green shirt that say baby I diamond have on red shirt that say L.A and mia have on a orange shirt that say dope we have front row seats

mindless behavior comes out with number girlthen missing you



(ray looks at you)

ray:whats your name


ray:would you like to come up

me: yes

roc:what are your friends name

ej: yea *looking at mia*

me: this is mia(point's to her )

diamond ( point toher)andthis is taylor(ponits to her)

(they pull us up on stage and sing to us and give us a red rose even though the hoes gave us dirty looks)

(when we walk off of the stage)

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