The Nerds' Bad Boy

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*Kimi's P.O.V.*

I woke up to the sound of snoring on my right. I groaned and looked over to see my younger brother, Kameron, snuggled into my side. His blonde curls were swept messily across his forehead. His mouth was slightly open, revealing his missing front teeth. A little bit of drool dribbled down his chin and onto the floral printed sheets below him. I giggled, kissing his forehead before getting up.

I reached into my closet, grabbing an outfit before walking into the bathroom. I stripped off my sky blue nightgown before jumping into the shower. I let the warm water roll off my body as I began to wash my hair. I thought about how this day at school was going to go. I'd most likely get pushed into a couple of lockers, tripped, teased, and maybe a few people would take my glasses. So, nothing out of the ordinary.

I rinsed my hair and began to scrub my body. I wish that I didn't have school. I mean my grades and behavior is great, but I'm an outcast. A wallflower. A nerd.

I washed the soap off and turned off the water, stepping out of the shower. I dried myself off before pulling on my faded, baggy jeans. I threw on an Asking Alexandria T-shirt. I walked out of the bathroom to see that Kameron had woken up.

He sat upright on my bed, the royal blue comforter wrapped around him. "Where are you going?" He asked me, his brown eyes pouring into my teal ones. Kameron was only 3, so he didn't go to school yet. "To school, Kammy." I said, using his nickname.

"When will you be back? Are you leaving forever?" He questioned again, tears filling his eyes. "Aww. Buddy, no. I'll be back later, I promise." The tears disappeared, replaced by a smile. "Now go to sleep, sweetheart. It's still early." I said as he fell into the bed, instantly falling asleep.

I sighed, looking at my alarm clock. It read 6:45 A.M. If I were to get to school on time, I had to get walking now. I stood up, grabbing my backpack before walking down the stairs. "Hey, sis." I heard my older brother, Kamden, say as I entered the kitchen.

"Hey." I said, grabbing a banana. I sat on the couch, pulling my black Vans onto my feet. "Kameron sleeping?" He asked. I nodded. I stood up, stuffing the banana into my backpack. "I'm going to get going." I said, walking out the door.


Sorry it's short. It's kinda just a prologue.




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