Ch. 3 ~ First Day of School

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When I hear my alarm going off at 6:30 am, I practically jump out of bed and throw it against the wall. Today is my first day of school. Yay. I am not one that enjoys being “the new girl.” I have been that girl a few times in my life and I do not like it. But I guess it only is a month that I need to deal with people before summer. 

I finally decide it is a good idea to get ready and make myself look presentable. I don’t even know why I have to, but my mom seems to think that I will make a better impression of myself if I go in a nice outfit, rather than my usual sweatpants and hoodie. I don’t see what the difference is if I am going to be dressing like a bum everyday after today anyway, but oh well. 

Once I get my clothes ready, I make my way to my bathroom. It is so nice to finally have my own bathroom. I used to have to share with Chase. And that was a fun experience trying to get ready in the mornings. NOT. Anyway, I hop in the shower and it is freezing cold! I turn the knob labeled “Hot” and washed my hair with my favorite coconut scented shampoo and conditioner. After finishing my shower I got dressed and brushed my hair and teeth. 

Finally I finish getting ready and take one final look in my mirror before heading upstairs to grab a quick breakfast and head out. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At School~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     “Hello. I am Abigail Winters, I am new here and I need to pick up my schedule.” I say to the older looking lady at the front desk. She looks at me funny for a second and goes off to, for what I am guessing, find my class schedule and locker number. 

     “Here you go. Your first class is English. You’d better get going before you’re late. Mr. Lute doesn’t allow tardies.” She says to me with a smile, handing me my information. Well, at least my first class is my favorite class. 

Just as I find my locker, and put my stuff in it, the bell rings. ‘Shit!’ I curse to myself and drop my books. I rush to pick them up and shove them back into my bag and slam my locker before trying to find my classroom. Luckily, Mt. Lute’s classroom is only down the hall from my locker. I walk in 3 minuets late, and everyone is starring at me. ‘Great.’

     “Can I help you Miss?” The old, balding man in front of me asked.

     “Uhm. Yeah. My name is Abi Winters. I’m new here.” I say quietly, my voice shaking as 28 pairs of eyes are still on me. 

     “Welcome to my class. But you should know I don’t accept tardies. This is your only one. Anymore and you will get detention. Now go have a seat next to Mr. Brooks. Raise your hand so she knows where to sit.” And that is when I noticed a young man with brilliant green eyes. I make my way to go sit when I notice I am starring at him. I turn my face to the floor as it became very interesting. I took my seat next to this boy and just tried to concentrate on Mr. Lute. 

~~~Authors Note:~~~

Hey Guys! I hope you liked it! It will start getting longer and better in the coming chapters as she meets new people and there is more dialog.! But remember to Vote ! :) thank you so much for reading and I will be posting the next chapter either later tonight or tomorrow! :) Enjoy! 

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