Chapter 24

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Chapter 24- Vic's P.O.V-

"What did he send you?" Jaime asked.

"Um..." Montana said as she unlocked her phone. I heard her gasp and saw that she had a new message.

Since I was sat next to her I leant slightly towards her to read the next text, I also gasped at what I could read.

'I'll be on my way soon;)'

"He... He... Oh fuck I'm so stupid!" She groaned as she covered her face with her hands, sounding like she were crying.

Jaime gave me a confused glance through the mirror in the car (since he was driving) but I just shrugged it off.

Mike stared at me for a few minutes, trying to get me to tell them but I just mouthed "I'll tell you later."

He nodded and turned around to tell Jaime.

"We're here!" Jaime announced as he parked the car beside our tour bus, it said "PIERCE THE VEIL" along the side then had our faces on it.

It had blacked out windows, except the front of the bus which was a small, special room for our driver.

Clearly, the driver noticed we were here and jumped out.

"Quick, we need to set off in 5 minutes! I've been ringing and texting you all!" He spoke in his deep, rough voice.

"My phones dead," I shrugged as we all clambered out of the car.

"Mines broken," Mike answered, taking his phone out of his pocket showing a very cracked screen.

"No signal," Tony mumbled.

"Mines on silent and I was driving," Jaime said.

"Oh well, quick get on the bus and prepare for a long drive!" He groaned as he walked back to the bus. He stopped and turned around again, "And... who are they?" He pointed to Montana and Bella.

"Mine and Vics girlfriends," Mike lied as he put his arm around Bella, who was extremely confused.

"Oh okay, go unpack and get ready, we are in San Diego now and we are to be at Ohio in 2 days time so we can have a few stops every now and then," He said, sounding convinced about Mikes lie.

As soon and Aaron (the bus driver) got back in the bus, Montana and Bella spoke up "Your girlfriends?"

"The only way to get in," Mike laughed.

I looked over at Montana while we got their bags out of the back of the car, she looked tired, she had red eyes and her make-up was smudged (although she didnt have loads on).
I'll ask later...

I looked to Tony, he hadn't talked since we met Andy. He looked out of it. He's remembered back at Clairemont High...

*Flashback* (A/N- This doesn't take up the real time of the story, just about of background for you guys)

"You're worthless," Andy smirked looking down at Tony. We had languages (French) and Tony was sat behind Andy and Oliver, the biggest jerks in the school, they only transfered here (from England) not long ago! Every French lesson they turned around and called Tony horrible stuff, I couldnt do anything, everyone who heard laughed. I was at the opposite side of the classroom. Our teacher was deaf and never taught us anything.
I watched as a tear rolled down Tony's cheek.
"Aww the little turtle is crying!" Oli sarcastically cooed.
I couldn't deal with this anymore, watching my best friend being bullied since we started at Clairemint high and not being able to help was just torture.
I stood up and stormed over to them, "Leave him the fuck alone. Don't you see what you do to him? He's fucking crying and your there laughing at him, he's not the only one being hurt by you. It hurts me not being able to do anything," I hesitated before I rolled up my sleeve showing hundreds of scars all down my arm, they gasped- especially Tony, "Telling somebody to cut themself, kill themself, calling somebody worthless, its pathetic and stupid and disgusting. Just stop." I growled.
I turned to face Tony and rolled down the sleeve of my jacket, but he weren't there. I heard the door open and close. I sighed and walked out of the room, following him.
He ran into the toilets, I followed. He locked himself in a cubicle.
I sighed and sat on the floor waiting for him to come out. All I heard was his sobs.

Half an hour later the bell went off for last period, maths. By now Tony had no more tears to let out, all I could hear was his breathing.
A few minutes after the bell had rang and everyone was settled in their classes I heard shuffling from his cubicle, I stood up thinking he was coming out. Instead I saw he was leaning against the cubicle door, sat up. He gasped and let out a different sound, a sound of... pain?
"T-Tony?" I asked softly.
He gasped and there was more shuffling and a few minutes later he finally came out.
He gave me a slight smile, which you could easily tell was fake, and he washed his hands.
"Are you okay?" I asked as I looked into the cubicle wondering what he was doing on the floor.
"Y-yeah, of course," He lied.
I inspected the floor and saw some white things in the back corner of the cubicle.
"What are they?" I asked, walking to them and picking them up. They felt and looked like pills.
His eyes widened and he gasped, "T-they- I don't know, They aren't mine," He stuttered, looking at the floor.
I walked to the toilet and put them in. I saw a tissue of blood in there.
"Can I look at your arms?" I asked walking towards him after flushing the toilet of the contents.
"N-no!" He shouted and ran out - he wasn't a good runner and was only slow so I followed only walking quickly. He slowed down as he got to the school gates, he was gasping for breath, hands on knees and leaning down. I finally caught up to him and stood next to him until he had enough breath to stand up straight.

I grabbed his hand and rolled up the sleeve of his jacket, only greeted with another sleeve from probably a hoodie. I tried rolling it up but it was stuck.
"Ow!" Tony yelped and pulled his arm away and rolled down his jacket sleeve.
"Do you...?" I asked pointing to my own arm.
He nodded, a tear rolling down his cheek once again.
"You'll be okay, we're both going through the same thing and we will make it.  I promise you. Never think of ending your life again, promise me." I told his as I pulled him into a hug.
"I'll try..." He cried as he hugged me back.
As we finally pulled out of the hug he had a little smile on his face, a real smile. "Sometimes all you need is a hug," I smiled. "Let's skip the rest of last period and go to my house and order pizza?"
He nodded and I drove us to my house.



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