2nd Blood

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School is such a bother. I barely have any free time for me to rest after school. But I only like school because I get to do sports. But I have a very busy day today. First I need to go to my baseball practice, then I need to go to an arena to do the round of the tournament. 

Then after all of that I need to go to work again. I leaned back on my chair, so it only stood on the back two. I stared at the ceiling. I can't believe I met a vampire. But yet he's cute. But I want to met him again. Even if he's a vampire.

After all of the long tiring day I finally finished everything. My shoulder are so stiff. I still can't beleive we won the tournament. And first place. Hehe, And I won the last round, that guy was so weak, it only took one hit for the guy to lose. I looked up. The same park I met him. I sighed, in the breeze of spring coming soon.

Maybe he's here again? Nah, he can't be. I bet he's at home. I walked slowly. I looked at the same tree that he fell off. The same bench I sat on and ate my Mars. The same title that I grabbed the rock. So little happened, yet I want to it to happened. I kept walking, I knew it. I knew it that I'll never met mr. vampire boy anymore. That is just fine.

                                                                      The Next Day

I yawned really wide. "You tired?" A very familiar voice asked. "Hmm?" I looked up. "Eh?"My eyes widen.  "Yo." The vampire boy smiled. I did a back flip and got ready for my fight stance. "Why are you here?!"

"Oh, I just came here to return your rock you threw at me two nights ago." He actually gave me back the rock. I grabbed it.

"Omg he's so hot." One of the girls whisper, but clearly she is bad at it. "Yeah I know, right!" The other said. "Does he have a girlfriend?" One girl came in. I gripped the rock really hard. You girl, have no idea what he is or what he'll do to you. He's like the last person to fall in love!

"You moron." I mumbled. "Huh? What was that?" I threw the rock again. It hit his forhead again. "Stop causing a a scence at school!" I grabbed his arm and flipped him over. "WHAT THE HELL!" He yelled.  He landed pretty hard on the gravel floor. Oh no. I did it again. "Omg, I knew it." A guy whispered. No, don't.

"She really is a ," No, please don't anything but that. Don 't sa-- "monster-freak." He finished. No.

I gripped my bottom of my lip really hard, so my flood of tears won't run down in front of everyone. I ran towards the entrance door. I ran down the hall and up the stairs and kept running up stairs until I made it to the roof. I slammed the door open. Then closed it. Then I stood there, hearing the thump of my heart. The pain of my heart problems and that mean comment.

I hate that people call me a monster. People don't know the pain I'm in with my heart. Literally, I have a bad heart. Then my heart felt like it was being stabbed with a knife a hundred times. I bit my lip really hard. Endure it, Leo. Endure it! Then I stood up. The bell is about to ring, I should get going. I wiped my tears and opened the door and plastered on a smile.

I walked down the stairs. I just hope no one talks about me. Not like I care what they think. *Pang* My heart. Again. No, endure it. I took some breathes again and the pain went away. Just a bit.

After school I just to get to somewhere peaceful. I grabbed my stuff, stuffed it in my brown bag that have pocket watches on it, maps that are brown. I swinged it on my shoulder. When the bell rang, I speed walked to the door. I ran outside and I went to the library. I checked out some manga's, animes and one novel.

I went to a park that was been abandon for a years. No one lives in that neighbourhood anymore, and also no one goes by here. Perfect for me so that no chances for me to bump into someone I know.

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