MAGCON (chapter 7)

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It was a sunday morning. I fell asleep on Matt's chest. I kissed his belly. He woke up. "Hello, kimmy" he said while kissing my forehead. "Goodmorning" I said with a smile. His hair was all messy, it was cute. I ran my fingers through his hair. He kissed my nose. He picked me up like a baby and brought me to the kitchen. As he was setting me down I was putting my hair in a bun. "I'm making breakfast this morning." I said while getting out plates and pancake batter. I was cooking the breakfast and I felt Matts soft hands reach my waist. He kissed me and I kissed him back. Breakfast was on the kitchen table. "Matt, breakfast is ready." I said while putting us orange juice on the table. He came running to the table. He started eating his food. I started eating mine. We were done eating. "What do you want to do today?" He asked while he was doing the dishes. "First.." I said while I took of his shirt. "Second, I want to go on a adventure, like go to Santa Monica beach and just go around every where." I said while hugging him. "I would do anything you want, baby" He said. I went up to his room. He chased after me. I sat down on his bed. "Get changed" He said. "Ok" I said while going into the bathroom. He spinned me around and locked the bathroom door. "Infront of me" he said with a smile. I smiled back. I took off my shirt, and there I was.. just a bra and underwear. "Now you" I said while I sat on his bed. He bit his lip and took off his pants. He was just in boxers. He threw me on the bed and started kissing me everywhere, giving me hickees on my neck.. EVERYWHERE. I moaned a bit. He made out with me. He grabbed me everywhere.

I was finally dressed. I wore a sunflower skater skirt, with a white crop top and a black tattoo choker. He wore some shorts with a tank top. "You look good baby, but with no clothes you would probably look better" he said with a smile. I smiled back and put on my white converse. He put on his vans. "Don't forget the penny boards!" I said when I got into the car. He came into the car with our boards and I started driving.

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