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I haven't posted in a while I know. I've been really busy. This isn't an actual chapter but this will sum up everyone's lives :)


Niall P. O. V.

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Well kinda. It's the day of the wedding and everyone is here. The boys, our baby girl (Aveline), Rachael, that guy who is known as 'Owl City'. I don't understand why he was invited but Sydney insisted. A bunch of other people are here but I don't even know half of them.

Sydney P. O. V.

"Does it look alright?" I asked looking at myself in the mirror for the 100th time.

"Yes. You look lovely." Rachael said.

"You are lying. I can tell. I need a new dress." I turn around.

"The wedding is starting in 15 minutes. Chill, it's alright."

"Fine. I forget what I'm supposed to say."

"Yes." Harry says walking past me. I flip him off as he laughs down the hallway into the church.

"Ignore him." Rachael says.

I smile and look in the mirror again.

"Where's Aveline?"

"Sitting with Liam and Sophia."


Rachael fixes my make up and hair one last time and then everyone is set up in walking order in the long hallway. My father is standing next to me ready to bawl.

"Please don't cry." I said looking up at him.

"Sorry. I'm so happy." he says

"I couldn't tell."

The line starts going and I grow more nervous.

Rachael turns around and tells me it's alright. Right before she walks out with Harry on her arm she whispers, "Your speech is in your bra, and don't forget to say yes."

Harry P. O. V.

This is what our wedding is going to be like. That's all I've been thinking about today, Rachael in a white gown. Walking down the aisle with her father. I just smile at myself imagining these crazy things. She's only 18 but then again so is Sydney and she's getting married.

We walk down the aisle, Rach stands at the alter and I sit in the first row next to Lou.

That bride song starts playing and Sydney walks down the aisle. Niall is smiling and is about to cry.


Rachael P. O. V.

I am really happy with how this day is turning out. Sydney seems happy walking and smiling and saying her vows. She didn't forget a thing, thank goodness I helped her write a simple one.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife."

They shared a kiss and walked out of the church.

We all went to a dinner hall and celebrated. Harry and I were sat next to each other. We were the only two people at our table most of the night because the other four people kept going to the bathroom. I don't think they were 'going' if you get my drift.

"Hey." Harry said.


"Are you having fun?"

"Yeah," I turned around to look at Sydney and Niall, "I'm rally happy for them."

"That'll be us."

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