It's finally Friday and I have completed my first week of school.

The rest of the week was much better than my first day.

Alex the asshole is what pony had called him didn't exactly bother me the rest of the week but I did catch him smirking at me.

And the creeped me out like hell. but I just remembered what pony told me.

As long as you're with me you're safe.

And I was pretty much with Ponyboy all the time, kind of.

Him and Soda pick me up and drive me to school and Pony and I walk home together, him holding my books with his arm around my shoulder.

I'm starting to really like him, like really really like him.

And that scares me.

Pony and I were performing the daily routine, him holding my books with his arm around my shoulders walking home.

"So how much do ya got left in the book?"

"Literally a chapter, as soon as I get home, I'm going to drop everything and read." I said.

He laughed and we kept walking.

We walked up to my front door and he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before he walked away.

I walked into the house and raced up stairs to the comfort of my bed and plopped down.

I grabbed my book from my night stand and began reading.

It was about an hour later and I had finally finished the book.

I closed the book and held it to my chest feeling very accomplished.

Remember what Pony had said I got up from my bed to freshen up.

I slightly re curled my hair, added a bit of eye liner and blotted my face with powder.

I brushed my teeth again, just in case.

Contemplating to wear a skirt or jeans, of course I chose my dark denim high waisted jeans and put on my navy keds.

Grabbing the book and my house key I walked down the stairs stepped out of my house locking the door behind me.

I haven't seen Johnny sense this morning. I think he mentioned going to see Pony later so I bet he'll be there when I arrive.

It was beautiful outside.

The sun wasn't setting but it was going to pretty soon.

The crisp cool fall air blew my hair back and it was so refreshing.

I was walking down the street with one hand in my pocket and the other holding my book.

I suddenly felt very paranoid.

I looked behind me to find a blue mustang coming towards me not too far down the rode.

Panicked, I started to walk at a faster rate to the Curtis house.

Before I knew it the blue mustang had pulled up right next to me and about five large guys stepped out and began towards me.

Scarred was an understatement.

My neck was sweating and my hands were shaking.

I started to run.

I ran so fast that I didn't realize I was running until one of the guys had pushed me down on the hard concrete road and I scrapped the palm of my hand trying to break my fall.

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