Chapter 8

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Jeff kept running, but I couldn't any longer. He was holding tight on my arm, not letting go, making my feet stop and I fell to my knees, scraping against rocks and gravel. I rolled down a small hill into a large patch of grass, cutting my elbow on another rock. Jeff stopped in his tracks, turning and racing back towards me.

I could barely sit up, having to receive his help. He took me by one arm and another hand under my back, pushing me up, strong but gentle. He gripped my arm too tightly, making me wince in pain.

"Ash, I'm sorry! Are you okay?" He asked. His voice was in a pleading tone, like he was hoping I was alright, though why wouldn't he be worried? He's my best friend.

As he sat me up, I held my head, dazed with the feeling of being on one of those crazy spinning ride things at the fair. "Ouch, my head." I groaned. My head was pounding and aching, and blood was streaming down my thigh, not noticing until Jeff said something. "Oh my god, Ashley! Your leg!" He looked at me, wide-eyed. I looked down at my leg, and I touched my thigh, leaving it with a piercing feeling.

I hissed at the pain, scrunching my nose at exactly how much pain I'd realized I was in. I'm not used to being in such pain, and I haven't felt pain like this in a long ass time. My jeans were absorbing blood, and the way it absorbed was just kind of...intriguing.

I was losing blood, meaning my vision was going fuzzy and blurry. Jeff was calling out my name, but it was going fuzzy, and everything was going white. I suddenly felt myself lifted off the ground before everything went blank, and I went unconcious.

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