Hey guys! I'm Abigail but I prefer Abby for short. I'm currently 19 years old and still living with my mom and my younger brother, Alex, who's 17. I take online college classes and work at the mall. My father sadly died when I was 8, leaving my mom to look after me and my brother, who was just 6. My mother won't tell us how he died, not even till this day. I have this annoying 14 year old cousin who always sends me emails and pictures of her biggest obsession, the boy band One Direction, on Facebook even though she knows I don't like them! I prefer classic rock instead of today's music. I also have a best friend named Clover Turner. She's gorgeous! She also gets along with my younger cousin because she likes 1D ( she's in love with Niall). Well, that's all :). Adios!

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this story :) The person playing Abigail is Ariana Grande but when she had red hair. 

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