Chapter 8

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I like to listen to Daughter of The Moon or Dark Side and it kind of reminds me of Sapphire a bit. IDK, maybe you might like one of the songs with this chapter a bit? I don't know, it depends I guess. Well, enjoy peoples!

Sapphire's P.O.V.

I just finished healing the other girls, their wounds were minor, nothing potentially dangerous except for maybe two gashes received by, ha ha, I wonder who. Note the sarcasm. Zayn pretty much never left my side, he always stared in awe with my complete connection to water.

The thing is, I'm not mainly water, I'm mostly night. The girls know that, but we just refer to it as some bonus that people tend to be afraid of. It's not that bad though, Sky can create storms if she's really pissed off, which she is because there is a huge ass thunderstorm outside, kind of scaring the boys a little bit. Rose can manifest life in people, animals and plants, makes sense really. Aqua, unlike me, freezes things when she's going over emotions, which is why she's more distant that others, she's scared something bad will happen. Ember can manifest light, obviously since she's fire. but more like day light sort of thing which is actually kind of awesome. But I think my power is the worst to have.

Sure, some people would want the power to see into the night, not sure that it's for me. Most people are afraid of the dark, simply because they don't know if something will go bump in the night or if it will simply stay the same. Some people have nightmares, little kids are afraid of the boogey man, children scare themselves silly with scary stories. All of it. In the dark.

People think you're a monster. That's all you'll ever be.

No, shut up, that's wrong. What the hell is wrong with me?

"Sapphire, are you alright?"

I looked up to Zayn, who's brilliant brown eyes waltzed in concern, that made my heart throb. "I'm fine. Just this Rose thing getting to my head, that's all."

He sat down beside me, next to my large windows, I have almost a small sitting area that was built with the house to make an oversized ledge next to the window. I placed pillows and a bunch of neon blankets lying there to cover the cushions there.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"You looked pretty mortified when you saw Rose earlier."

"Who wouldn't be freaked out?"

"I know, but still."

We stayed silent for another amount of time before he spoke up again, "You looked terrified too. It wasn't just me."

"I know, the question just.... came up."

The sun was setting at this point, the reddish orange sun began to vanish beyond the horizon and the moon started to become more and more visible at every moment. The thing is, with the second element, it comes with another price, which isn't that bad. When night comes, and the moon comes out, my hair can turn white depending on the moon, since tonight is a full moon, my hair will become entirely silvery white. If it was gibbous moon, it would many silver with jet black highlights, half moon, obvious, and crescent, the opposite of gibbous. Yeah, really weird. Oh well.

"This never happened before?"

I shook my head, "Not since my father......" He looked down and back up again and he yelped in surprise, "What?"

He pointed, "Y-y-your h-hair."

I looked down at my hair and picked up a couple strands. Yep, silver. Told ya. "What's your point?"

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