Chapter 2

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"Where am I," The new face shouted, voice full of anger and hate.

Everyone looked at Sam as she cleared her throat.

"Ugh," Everyone but the new face.

They knew Sam was about to launch into what she called a "brief" explanation.

" Well, your here but your not here because I'm here so your there but there is in here which means you are here but I am here so you can't be here which makes you be over there and over there is in here and I am in here so you are over there in here." Sam concluded. "Oi! Who are you?"

"I'm Doctor Whom, well yea, and that makes sense but where is here?" Uttered the newfound regeneration of them.

"Well..." Sam began.

"It's the RETARDIS, you know our time machine." Ari said before Sam could give another "brief" explanation.

"We have a time machine!" Exclaimed the regeneration.

"The Peace Whom." Megan said in disgust.

"No. Not again. You ruined us. Never again. Leave. Now!" Areesha yelled.

"Who is this person you speak so rudely about?" Tionné said

It was The Peace Whom. The one who ruins us all.

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