Yamelly's POV

"Yamelly! All you've been doing is eating on this plane!" I heard Tiffany yell at me as the plane attendant bring a plate of nachos to me.

"I'm sorry! The food here is too good!" I say and start eating. She sighs and goes back to playing on her phone.

I don't get what she's complaining. I mean, we're famous. We got money. What's the point of having money if you ain't gonna use it?

Look at me, talking ghetto. I is in the house!

Okay, now it's getting weird.

I look over to Tiffany and she's about to fall asleep.

Rule #69, never fall asleep on a plane or the plane might crash and you will drown.

Hehehe, 69.

Anyways, back to Tiffany.

I get some ice from my soda and lean towards her seat. I quickly shove the ice down her shirt and run from my seat.

"YAMELLY!" I let out a gasp as I realize I forgot my nachos.

I turn around and Tiffany is smirking at me with my nachos in her hand.

"Tiffany, come on! Let's make a deal!" I plead with her. She only smirks harder and moves backwards.


"Tiffany PLEASE! I won't prank you again, just give me the nachos!"

She shakes her head and takes a few more steps

"PLEASE TIFFANY!" I scream. She takes more steps until she's above the trash can and drops it.


Tiffany's POV

"Come on, Yamelly. They were only nachos."

Yamelly has been crying for the past 20 minutes and wouldn't even talk to me.

"You can get another bowl."

"BUT I WANTED THAT BOWL!" She screamed from her hiding place in the bathroom.

"I'm sorry, can you come out now?" I said, trying to get her to come out.

"No." She said but she sounded weird. What was she doing in there?

"We're almost here." I said hopefully.

"Really?" She said. Wait, is her mouth full?

"Yeah and we need to start getting our bags ready." I tell her and I hear moving around.

The door finally opens and she comes out with a bowl of half eaten nachos in her hands.

"Okay!" She says cheerfully. Wait a minute, she was eating in there?!


We finally walk out of the airport and wait for our limo to come. A few fans had come up to us to ask for autographs but luckily no one had tweeted anything.

After a few minutes of Yamelly complaining the limo arrived.

"Where are we going?" Yamelly asked, looking around.

"My old house." I say and she looks out the window.

"I like British people, especially British boys. Their accents are sexy." Yamelly says seriously.

I stare at her for a while, trying to figure out if she could have possibly hit her head somewhere.

"Omg! Look it's me! I'm famous in the UK too! You know, I thought it was only America but I guess they like me too, I mean who wouldn't I'm awesome! Can you believe..." Yamelly rambled on.


"What if I have babies with Tyler Posey? Would they be werewolf babies?"

My head was beginning to hurt from all Yamelly's talking.

The limo stopped and I sat up. "We're here Yamelly. Now shut up!"

I walked out and grabbed my bags, thanking the driver.

"Ooooooo! Your house is so small!" Yamelly said, running up to the door.

"Yeah, we had this house before my brother got famous. Unlike you who has lived with a famous mom." I said, opening the door.

I was expecting a reply but Yamelly had become suddenly quiet. I wonder what's up?

"Mom! It's Tiffany! I'm home from LA!" I say. putting my bags down and Yamelly doing the same.

I heard running down the stairs and suddenly my mom came into view.

"Tiffany!" She instantly squeezed me. "I haven't seen you in so long!"

"Yeah, I'm staying here for a while with Yamelly." I said.

My mom instantly tensed. "Yamelly is here?" She whispered in my ear.

I nodded, surprised as to why she reacted that way.

She stepped away from me. "Yamelly, you know where Tiffany's room is, right?"

Yamelly nodded.

"Can you go in there for a while? I need to talk to Tiffany for a minute." Yamelly nodded and went up the stairs.

I stood there until we heard Yamelly close the door to my room.

"What was that about?" I ask my mom, glaring at her.

"Why is she here?" She asked, ignoring my question.

"Because she came with me and she's my best friend." I said.

"Was. Was your best friend. She is a very bad influence. She's just like her mother and you know it!"

"No she's not! She's different! And everyone makes mistakes!" I said.

"That's exactly what everyone said about her mother! Everyone thought it was just a phase but look at her now! Still doing the same exact things as before!" She said.

"That's her mother! Not her!" I stepped away from her.

"Have you seen what she's done! She drinks, smokes, goes to clubs, and she's only 18! I'm just telling you, if she does one bad thing, then she's out!" My mom says, clearly ending the conversation.

I glare at her and go up the stairs. As I reach the last step I see a shadow run into my room.

Oh no.

I walk into my room but Yamelly just stands up, rubbing her eyes.

"I need to use the bathroom." She mumbles and walks past me but not before I saw a tear trickle down her face.




so, hey?

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Anywhore, sorry for not updating in a while. I hope this drama made up for it though :)

Any of you thinking of going to the One Direction concert

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Bye for now my little nachos!

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