Chapter 18

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Izzy's P*O*V

When I woke up I was by myself and in my bed on the bus. I reached over to my phone to see the time and freaked out when I saw that it was 1 in the afternoon! I got out of bed and looked down to see I was in one of Jake's t-shirts and my underwear. I chuckled and then ran to the bathroom and hopped in the shower when I got out I got changed into this >>> . I then walked out and saw all the guys except Andy sitting out in the living room. I saw Jake and immediately went and sat on his lap he said "Well, good morning to you too, sleeping beauty" "Good morning handsome!" "Well you sure are cheery" "Yeps because me and you are spending what's left of the day together" "Oh are we now hmm?" "Pweasee" "Of course I would never say no to you" "Aww I feel loved! Oh and have you seen Andy?" "You are and didn't he tell you he spent the night at Juliet's he said he left you a text" "Ah I'll go grab my phone." As I went to get up Jake grabbed onto my waist and pulled me back down and said in a whiny voice "Nooo don't leave me!" "But I want my phone! and you need to get me toast!" "Oh fine what do you want on it?" "Just dry toast" "Weirdo! "I know!" I got up then and went and sat on my bed while reading my phone and I had 3 texts. One from Jake, one from mum and one from Andy. I read Jake's first it said 'I know I'm next to you but I wanted to leave you a good morning message, Good morning princess<3!' I smiled and then moved on to Andy's it read 'Iz, slept at Juliet's don't freak, she says hi! See you later tonight if you're still awake!' And finally I read mum's 'Darling, just thought I'd let you know I'm fine and happy now and I don't want you worrying about me! Hope you and Jake are well and keep an eye on Andy no more broken ribs! Keep in touch and keep safe darling xx' I replied then got up and went to walk back out to the guys as I opened the door to leave Jake was standing there with a plate of dry toast and a coffee, I took the plate and cup kissed his cheek and went and sat back on the sofa next to Ash, with an empty space the other side of me. Jake came back out and went to sit down next to me but as he did I stuck my legs up and stopped him from sitting down. He looked to me and just said 'Really?!" "Yes...Really!" I replied completely straight faced. He looked at me with his little puppy dog eyes and I caved I cant resit him when he does that! Why must he be so damn cute! I moved my legs and let him sit. I sat there and ate my breakfast then took my plate to the sink washed it up quickly then went to sit back down when Jake put his legs up so I couldn't sit down I looked to him and said "Really?!" "Yes...Really!" I looked at him and he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me onto his lap and whispered in my ear "Because I want cuddles" I snuggled down into his chest then and we all just sat there talking laughing and just being well family.

  At about half 3 we were still all in the same position and still all talking until Ash stood up and said "I'm going to the mall any of you weirdo's coming?" CC said "I'm up for it nothing better to do" Jinxx chimed in saying "I'm in!" Then all three of them looked to me and Jake and said "Well?" I said "Umm I'm not really in the mood but you guys go have fun!" Ash said "Okay hun! Jake you in?" "Nah your alright man going to stay here" "Alright see you's when we see you" And with that they left, leaving me and Jake alone. I turned to him then and said "Anything you want to do?" "Nope not really, what about you princess?" "Umm I don't mind really although I do have one question?" "Which would be?" I leaned in closer and whispered "My lips hurt, make them better?" He grinned and crashed his lips to mine. We both got lost in the kiss, and then Jake lightly pushed me so I was then laying on my back on the sofa with him on top of me. We didn't break contact once but in my head I was freaking out a little because last time I was like this I was raped. I kept saying it's just Jake, he must have sensed something because he pulled back and said "Princess, if your not comfortable with something tell me and I'll stop okay I'm not going to pressure you into anything if your not ready." I nodded my head and pulled him back to me. I thought to myself I've got to get over this sooner or later, I mean there is no point in dwelling on things that I cannot change no matter how hard I try. Jake suddenly deepens the kiss making me gasp as he trails his hands down the side of my body leaving them to rest on my hips. I was seriously freaking out on the inside I was so scared but I didn't want to keep saying no to him, but I couldn't do this not yet, it was too soon. I felt a tear roll down my cheek, Jake didn't notice too caught up in the moment by my guess as his hand began to wander and that's when I lost it I pushed him away and clambered out from underneath him and ran to my bedroom and curled up in the corner crying. I couldn't stop the tears I was shaking, totally overwhelmed from the memories that were currently filling my head. I wasn't on my own for long, Jake came in and sat down next to me and pulled me into his chest I grabbed hold of him and just cried into the crook of his neck taking in his scent and trying to calm myself down. I did eventually and pulled away I wiped my tear stained cheeks and whispered "I'm sorry" "Princess I told you to tell me to stop if you weren't comfortable" "B..b..but I've to get o..o..over this fear a..a..and I can't keep s..s..saying no to you" "Oh you silly thing I don't care! Yeah maybe it's a little frustrating but I know what you've gone through and I'm more than happy to wait until your ready okay sweetie?" "I guess but who knows how long that could be and it's not fair on you when you could get it so easily from all the girls that throw themselves at you each night" "But I don't love them, I love you and have done for so long, stop putting yourself down!" "I love you too but I just feel so inadequate" "Don't ever say that! You are perfect to me and I wouldn't change a single thing about you except your last name one day! I love you okay?" Another set of tears pooled in my eyes and I said "You make me so happy I cant ever remember a time feeling like this I love you so much!" "You too sweetie, now how about you get washed up because I hate seeing you so upset, and then I make us some lunch hmm?" "Sounds perfect!" and with that I jumped up and skipped off to the bathroom. When I walked out Jake had made us a light lunch and we cuddled up on the sofa and ate in a comfortable silence watching a random tv show. When we finished we sat talking for ages until his phone went off, he looked at me and said "It's only Andy give me a second," I nodded my head as he'd already answered the phone. He suddenly got up and walked off I just sat there for a bit before getting up and following him intrigued as to why Andy didn't just ring me? When I walked into see Jake his face was prices less his jaw was practically on the floor and his eyes like O_O! I couldn't help but laugh. He glared at me then for some reason so I shutup sharpish. What the fuck?

Jake's P*O*V

So me and Izzy were sitting cuddling eating lunch when my phone went off I saw it was Andy and I was thinking why's he ringing me? I looked at Izzy apologetically and answered the phone. Andy said "Hey Jake how ya doin' man?" "Alright thanks you?" "Yeah I'm good, umm are you with Izzy?" "Umm yeah why?" "Just go into another room she cannot know this...yet" "Right okay one sec" I got up and walked into mine and Izzy's room and shut the door. "Okay I'm alone what is it?" "Umm right I've just got a call from my mum saying that she's met someone else" "Yeah so what's the big deal with that?" "It's Ashley's dad!" "Shit!" "I know, I mean we all know how close knit their family is this is going to destroy Ash and I don't know how he will react? But my theory is that he'll blame Izzy entirely!" "Why would he they've been bestfriends for years what does this have to do with it?" "Think about it you twit mum left dad because of what happened to Izzy that was the last straw I mean as well as all the past abuse but still that's what topped it off" "I see shit Izzy's coming umm what shall I say as cover up?" "I dunno but don't let her have her phone just in case!" Izzy came in then so I just put this wide eyes face on hoping to think of a cover up before she questioned me. She laughed at me and I glared at her for some reason and she shut up. I said to Andy then "Alright then see you when I see you," "Alright man, please don't tell her!" "Okay see you later" "Bye" Well...shit!

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